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  1. BadBee

    Mopar 440 Cams

    Good replys Men thanks,
  2. BadBee

    Mopar 440 Cams

    I'm up in the air on my current build,67/440 over.30 Going with 440 source lower build 10 1/2-1 flat tops and trick flow heads with a six pack any suggestions and size? It's a street Dart/4 speed??
  3. BadBee

    Beautiful Big Block Trick Flow Heads

    Keep us up to Date on how they Are!! I'm thinking about those instead of the 440Source for my '67 440 Build, have 915 collecting Dust!!
  4. BadBee

    Mopar 440 Cams

    Back in the Day it was General Kinetics for me BUT they've gone the way of the PASSENGER PIGEON! Back to the drawing board!