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    FOR SALE 1968 Plymouth Satellite 4 door parting out.....

    2 door, not sure if the same was used in a 4 door
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    FOR SALE 1968 Plymouth Satellite 4 door parting out.....

    I am looking for the front door window stops, see example below
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    FOR SALE 1968 coronet 440 sedan

    I am interested in the front window stops, are they still available
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    WTB WTB 69 charger front window stop

    WTB 69 charger front window stop. I believe the same part was used from 67-69. I have the passenger side, I need the drivers side, but I believe that are interchangeable
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    .................. window stop

    ............................. Thank you
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    wing window adjusters 69 charger

    Thank you it was driving me crazy that I was missing something but all looks as the drawings
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    wing window adjusters 69 charger

    The pictures below of the wing window adjuster are confusing me. The adjuster moves (both sides) up and down freely but the wing attachment arm just goes up and post. It doesn't change the height of the wing. What am I missing.
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    wing window glass bottom edge seal

    Does anyone reproduce this bottom seal that the wing window glass sit in. I have rubber seal roll that I used on my 65 d-100 for the window tracks, but this seems to thick for my 69 charger wing window track.
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    1969 charger weather striping install

    I have these metal weather stripping pieces that I can't remember how they install. There is only one screw hole in them. Any help will be appreciated.
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    69 charger window hardware installation location

    Can anyone tell me where these small plate install? I don't see them on the diagram. Thank you
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    FOR SALE 68 69 70 2 Door Hardtop Quarter Window Parts

    I can use 2 #8's and all three if that many are available
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    1968 charger glove box

    I am restoring a 69 charger and would like to replace the paper glove box with a hard plastic or metal one. Does anyone know if these are available for sale anywhere?
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    The night belongs to charger

    I remember as a kid that there was a commercial with a 3rd generation black charger 72-74 that said " the night belongs to charger" but I can not find any information on it. When I search a 4th generation Charger commercial is the only I can find that makes that statement.
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    69 charger door lock mechanism location

    I see on another tread that a 68 coronet the lock rod goes straight down from the knob to the door latch, the 6 charger is different as it has a swivel joint in it. Where that swivel bolts to the door is whooping u on me, see picture above)
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    69 charger door lock mechanism location

    I can't see where it bolts to the door frame. I have tried all the holes in the door but just doesn't seem to fit. I know the treaded end is for the pull lock, but where on the door does the assembly attach. I don't have the window tracks in is that maybe my problem/