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  1. D

    2 wire alt battery relocation to trunk { not a race car }

    That looks good,, that's what I'm looking to do , is that a 26 rad , Mine doesnt seem to have that kind of room Edit: after a better look, your into the fender well dr side
  2. C

    Anyone use PirateJack booster and Master?

    Did you have to set the booster pin rod to master or is it preset. I'm asking because I bought the reproduction kit & I'm having brake problems on my 68 charger. I'm not even sure if this booster rod can be set. I tried turning it but it didn't seem to make a difference. I bought the mbm brand...
  3. Cheapsunglasses

    question for electricians on home project

    Those are shims, you get longer screws, and those go between the plug and box, and they’re pretty cheap
  4. SlingLow

    question for electricians on home project

    I haven't seen that. I like that better. If you don't cut your tile the right size for the box, you end up doing that with a chunk of shim or whatever you can make work.
  5. SlingLow

    question for electricians on home project

    I used mud rings when I prewired houses for built-in home theater and multi-room stereo systems. They can be used without a J-box for low voltage only. What @CarolinaCharger is talking about looks like this:
  6. 68BabyBlue

    Cheap meal?

    I think this stuff is awesome, my wife does similar versions, we were able to get cheap salmon when I was fishing for Chinooks in Lake Ontario a few years back, but jeez, Halibut hasn't been cheap for years, local Wegman's grocery in my area sells it for like 35 bucks a pound. Chinook salmon was...
  7. 1967coronet

    Distributor is leaking oil on my headers

    Got to ask. You are running a PCV set up and not just a pair of breathers ?
  8. 1 Wild R/T

    question for electricians on home project

    I've always heard them called mud rings... And probably 75% of tile installs don't have them, just spacers like Dan was referring to....
  9. R

    FOR SALE 1963 Mexican Spec Plymouth Savoy 2 Door Sedan For Sale

    Dang in all my mopar years, did not know that...
  10. Turboflite

    Air grabber actuator bracket screw size

    What will be the correct screws for actuator bracket to the hood? #10-32? Hex head & washer or flange? Picture would be great
  11. R

    How DO some accomplish it…organization?

    Here's a viz of garage. 4 projects going on, bay by fridge is where wife's car goes; I crashed into a deer and it's still in body shop. Plymouth normally sits along opposite wall when bedded for winter. Took a bunch a stuff down from the loft as it wasn't intended to take a lot of weight, my...
  12. Snook

    Got 205psi compression... good shape, not a cheap one. Right now, I'm running a mix (1/3 100 aviation and 2/3 94); I'm in airboat country, not hard to find hi-test. Runs well on that. I'm building a new engine, will be ready later this year. I'll be using that cam again, it's a good one. Ended up at 105.5* Chuck...
  13. Charles Cook


    Even the dog screamed when I ran the stop sign.
  14. ckessel

    New Member

    Welcome from the left coast.
  15. Outlawd

    Do any of you belong to car clubs?

    You beat me to it Younggun
  16. Snook

    Got 205psi compression...

    Nope, stock forged 440 crank. Chuck (snook)
  17. 1 Wild R/T

    Vapor Lock - 1971 Satellite 318 Looking to install a Fuel Vapor Separator, Need some Direction

    The Wix filter has a .060 orifice in the return nipple... The early repo vapor separators did not & that's the ones known to cause a lean condition.... Add a #60 Holley main jet in the return hose & problem solved....
  18. Budnicks

    Cheap meal?

    Same deal with New England Clam Chowder (white) or a Manhattan Clam Chowder too (red) My old roommate PK, when I lived in Anchorage & later Palmer Alaska in my 20's right next to Polar Raceway, back in the 84-86-ish he'd make some killer sausage & sticky white rice with Cajun Gumbo, lots of...
  19. MoparJW

    UFOs or UAPs are real