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  1. Lineman

    Any help with getting the spring retainer on the steering coupler?

    Cant for the life of me get that spring clip thing over the steeering coupler that holds the cap on the end of the coupler. Can somebody tell me the secret? Thanks Jay
  2. Lineman

    R. Rear sway bar on 73 roadrunner

    Something here doesn't pass the smell test. The spring seems to be holding the sway bar in the bracket on the frame? What goes here? Thanks Jay
  3. Lineman

    this is on a 69 GTX, please tell me about the block..

    This is on a disk brake car and and the restriction valve or whatever you call it is in the line to the rear brakes.. Please tell me about this block, I thought this is a proportioning valve and distribution block? And is it the same for disk and drum brake cars? And what exactly does the pin do...
  4. Lineman

    Proportioning brake valve, Question...

    So please tell me about what exactly triggers the brake light on the dash. I assume when that pin on the valve either grounds for not? But what goes on with that pin? Is it supposed to move? Or be adjusted? In case of a open circuit front or rear I assume the pin moves, lights the dash and...
  5. Lineman

    rear brakes smoking?? 69 GTX

    I can give some background.. This car inadvertently turned out to be my winter project sorry to say.. When I re-did the dash and wiring I also updated the power brake booster (with the booster from inline tube and linkage) and master cyl. and brake lines to the proportioning valve. I bled the...
  6. Lineman

    Can you tell, manual or power brake car by the backing plate.

    Thanks for the help, were the backing plates different for power and disk brake cars? 69 GTX. I am quite sure this is a factory disk brake car. But I thought a power brake car had a round hole in the firewall? Thanks Jay
  7. Lineman

    What is this master cyl/vacuum booster?? on a 69 GTX?

    Thanks in advance? The pedal is a little soft but stops ok.