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  1. RemCharger

    Looking for header suggestions

    Slight S bend in the drivers side 383 sits lower and tighter. I modified the cross member for clearance. Wasn't all that hard either way.
  2. RemCharger

    14X7 JJ Rim with 4.5 bolt pattern

    Would you take 1200?
  3. Kern Dog

    Looking for header suggestions

    Yes. Also, the collectors aim straight back, requiring 2 pends in each pipe to fit under the humps in the trans crossmember.
  4. R

    FOR SALE 1968 Dodge Charger Right Taillamp

    FOR SALE 1968 Dodge Charger Right side Taillamp. USED . I have been holding on to this for in case my 1968 dodge charger were to be wrecked. I am selling now. Only saving mechanical parts for my 1968 Dodge Charger. I would grade this piece at a 9 plus on a 10 point scale. 10 being perfect NOS...
  5. Kern Dog

    Got 205psi compression...

    I had a reading similar to that. I logged onto several car forums and read all sorts of advice. I was pig headed and wasn't willing to pull the engine to swap in dished pistons so I took short cuts. Big cam. Thick head gaskets. Yeah, it worked but it runs better now with dished pistons and quench.
  6. Kern Dog

    I want to THANK, LIKE and AGREE with the members here....

    F A L S E. I'm shedding some weight since I reached my peak girth. I hope to be under 200 by Labor Day.
  7. G

    440 timing and pinging

    ...piston crown & head surface ] No quench makes it harder to control detonation. [2] If you have quench, engine needs less WOT timing. Try 32-34*. [3] You could also try stronger springs on the centri weights in the dist to delay timing advance. [4] Heat & load. The enemy of det. [5] A heavy...
  8. 1STMP

    How DO some accomplish it…organization?

    Due to age and physical ailments, I've given control to the son. He served 9 years in the army and thru a single incident, now suffers from PTSD and a TBI. My garage has always been orderly and spotless. Hardware sorted, tools put away, everything in it's place. With my son in control, I now...
  9. G

    Got 205psi compression...

    Overly advanced cam will give high readings.
  10. R

    FOR SALE 1968-9 B Body glove box light switch

    For sale 1968-9 B body glove box light switch. USABLE condition Price $15.00 plus $7.00 shipping Bob Horman
  11. RemCharger

    The Bendix 4 piston ordeal

    If they're still iron and not terrible you can do a high speed crocus cloth flapper hone. Maybe try mobileparts for seals
  12. R

    FOR SALE Mopar 1968 chromeBezels

    FOR SALE 1968 dash ignition switch bezel and left door outside mirror adjuster lever bezel Price $5.00 each plus $6.00 each bezel shipping Bob Horman
  13. 33 IMP

    Best HP oil pan for lowered 66

    That looks like the full deep milodon pan. The semi-triangular low-profile pan doesn't hang nearly that low, and still holds seven quarts. Milodon 6qt (hemi?) pan,30761, is 5" deep, the one I'm using, 30930 is 7", yours looks like 31010, 7.75 deep. Mancini sells a version of the hemi pan, with...
  14. RemCharger

    Best HP oil pan for lowered 66

    The answer is the one that holds the most, Without hitting the ground. They can be custom made at home
  15. R

    FOR SALE MOPAR NOS starter parts

    FOR SALE Mopar starter NOS assorted parts. ALL NOS Never used . Price for all parts in picture $20.00 plus $10.00 shipping Bob Horman
  16. RemCharger

    Finally got Pics from Natl Dragster from Winternationals!

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  17. R

    FOR SALE MOPAR distributor rotors

    FOR SALE Mopar used distributor rotors all useable. Price for all rotors in pictures $10.00 plus $10.00 shipping Bob Horman
  18. R

    FOR SALE 1968-70 b body Windshield washer switch

    FOR SALE 1968-70 B Body windshield washers pump switches Good used switches Price for both switches $20.00 plus $10.00 shipping Bob Horman