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  1. khryslerkid

    64 fury HT on the road again

    Nice! :thumbsup:
  2. khryslerkid

    Quick '62 K-frame question...

    You're correct. And the rubber one that's on my '62 Dodge is a little different than the later years also. It's a little hard to find the exact one. They look similar to the later ones but won't work. The later ones have the metal bracket centered under the rubber block. This is the one I have.
  3. khryslerkid

    Quick '62 K-frame question...

    I'd like to see a picture of the spring for a mount. :)
  4. khryslerkid

    62 Only

    Very clean Long Roof :thumbsup:
  5. khryslerkid

    Fan Shroud

    The cutout for the hose goes at the top. Here's some info and parts... Post in thread 'Photos Wanted - Fan Shroud' Photos Wanted - Fan Shroud
  6. khryslerkid

    Engine/Radiator fit problem

    Just the bare setup when there is no power steering or AC. Both pulleys are 7" Dia. and a single groove alternator pulley. Not what you are looking for.
  7. khryslerkid

    Engine/Radiator fit problem

    Just a single pulley all the way around. Thought I'd give you a number using the ECP.
  8. khryslerkid

    Getting ready to Instal 440 disguised as a Max Wedge in 63 B-body

    So if I'm correct you would need the big block K frame or the kit to swap. Refresh my memory.
  9. khryslerkid

    Engine/Radiator fit problem

    I'm using the 22" ECP radiator in my '62. 440 and stock water pump. Measures 3" from pump pulley surface to radiator core.
  10. khryslerkid

    Getting ready to Instal 440 disguised as a Max Wedge in 63 B-body

    What engine did your car originally have. Mine had a 361 and the 440 bolted right in.
  11. khryslerkid

    Selling Question

    I'd remove your personal information from your add. Ask to be contacted by private conversation.
  12. khryslerkid

    Brake Drums and shoes

    Napa part #440-1056 for front drums but you'll have to drill out the swedged studs to separate the hub from the original drum and replace the studs with knurled ones. Should be Napa #440-1129 for the rears. The rear drum center hole is just a little bigger than the front drums. I found that...
  13. khryslerkid

    62 Dodge Dart parts availability?

    Yeah, @jeepdid the same to me in post #12. They need to move the red x for people thumbing on their phones.
  14. khryslerkid

    1962 Plymouth Max Wedge Hood Bracing

    Big difference between the Plymouth and Dodge...
  15. khryslerkid

    65 Belvedere II Dash Speaker Replacement

    I'm not a '65 expert but would removing the glove box help? I know it works on some models.
  16. khryslerkid

    Rescued a couple '64 Sport Furys this weekend.

    Just goes to show you they're still out there! And just five miles from home :rolleyes: Looks like the blue one might have had a little racing history?
  17. khryslerkid

    1962 Polara door channel seal help/question

    I thought you were talking about the roof seal. Looks like part of it is missing. Now I see your sill plate is removed. Metro handles the door seals. I've always heard people having problems with all of these aftermarket seals being too thick and can't get their doors to close. I used my...
  18. khryslerkid

    1962 Polara door channel seal help/question

    You might have to go with Steel. I couldn't find the roof seal on Metro's site. You could contact Joe Suchy.
  19. khryslerkid

    1962 Polara door channel seal help/question

    Metro Super Soft Roof Seal Read carefully because there's a trick to the location at the back window. The seal is made with a pocket at that location. Post in thread 'Taking Up New Residence' Taking Up New Residence Don't know why you don't bookmark my build thread for references or just PM...
  20. khryslerkid

    62 Dodge Dart parts availability?

    Not any reproduction parts like fenders, chrome ect but there's always a parts car out there if you look hard enough. I bought quite a few parts on here and ebay. If I found a better piece than what was on the car I would buy it. Mechanical parts can be the same as newer models for a few...