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  1. khryslerkid

    440 to Polara conversion

    Dick Landy liked the three tail light look so much he would add the extra ones to his 330. I think the 440 model has just as much prestige as any other model including the Polara and 500. If you like the Polara better sell the 440 and buy one.
  2. khryslerkid

    The Roach

    Dodge Garage | News
  3. khryslerkid

    1969 Super Bee Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway

    Thanks for sharing :thumbsup: What a great idea! Shame I don't have a great looking, great running Bee like yours. And I'm not married either! Oh well.
  4. khryslerkid

    1968 Charger, Ray Barton 528 Hemi, Pro-touring.

    Looking at the last picture of your distributor there's a lot of corrosion and rust on the rotor. That's a sign of moisture. Does the inside of the cap have corrosion? What's the pickup look like? This could be your popping. The last time I had a popping like in your videos my new plug wires...
  5. khryslerkid

    63 Dodge Polara Retirement ride.

    Thats a shame about the rust. Work, work, work!
  6. khryslerkid

    63 Dodge Polara Retirement ride.

    Not mine, borrowed the picture off the interweb :D This one is mine...
  7. khryslerkid

    63 Dodge Polara Retirement ride.

    Only one place for it and that's on top of the driver's side inner fender. Two small screw holes would be there if the tag/plate is missing.
  8. khryslerkid

    Yankee Express RestoMod Project

    If you look in my "Photo Garage" you'll see what I did to my 452s for the positive valve seals.
  9. khryslerkid

    LS Swapped 69 Charger

    I have the heart of an 18 yr old but sometimes I feel like 81 Here's your dancing bananas!
  10. khryslerkid

    LS Swapped 69 Charger

    I have a 1970 Camaro I'd like to drop that 440 into :D Welcome. I see you're 18 and that's quite an accomplishment for your age. Welcome to the hobby!
  11. khryslerkid

    I polished my knob (s)!

    Looking Good! You really know how to polish a knob! :jackoff:
  12. khryslerkid

    My 1967 Belvedere Convertible Plans and Restoration (aka - Mad Scientist Build)

    Looks very nice. Your heat has made it up here now. Hope it cooled off for you. If not you can take these temps back. Chryslers at Carslile is getting closer. Keep up the great work :thumbsup:
  13. khryslerkid

    '69 Charger Hellcat

    I like what was done. Quite an accomplishment. Why would you go through all of this and use red accents in a green car?
  14. khryslerkid

    413 ci engine

    That should turn some heads, driving down the road!
  15. khryslerkid

    Low Key Script wanted

    1958 DeSoto (front fender)
  16. khryslerkid

    Just love this pic with the fatties....

    Has it been a year already? "Fatties" :fool:
  17. khryslerkid

    1st post since joining the group.

    He's a member on here @jamesfillmore
  18. khryslerkid

    1st post since joining the group.

    Detroit Muscle Technologies ?