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  1. tallhair

    Traction bars or no traction bars (Which one looks better)

    Ladder bars looked cool too On Chevys
  2. tallhair

    71 Road Runner: having trouble getting the alignment numbers I wanted!

    Here it is
  3. tallhair

    Ramman v/s pirate

    If you have an hour to kill just call the Ramman. He'll gladly tell you everything you ever wanted to know about brakes for these cars and if it's the same He's really a good guy I think .. very passionate
  4. tallhair

    Crappy K member welds

    Please document with lots of pictures and post them here :)
  5. tallhair

    The Ram Man - Max assist TANDEM Bendix booster & 1.125 Bore HEMI Master Cyl.

    Looking forward to seeing how it goes and how you like it
  6. tallhair

    Redundant question about disc swaps

    read this carefully ..
  7. tallhair

    Best way of coverting from manual to power steering.. 1970 RR

    Yes you have to shorten the steering column or change to one from a PS car and as mentioned you need the PS sector, pump, bracket, and also the PS hose. C bodies and versions made after a certain year have a diff input shaft diameter and I think the body might be longer. And probably want to...
  8. tallhair

    Power Steering Cooler - Really???

    That looks great shortstack
  9. tallhair

    Lowered B Body Info & Pics

    Those rims do look good .. and that paint is pretty electric .. I love it
  10. tallhair

    Lowered B Body Info & Pics

    Anyone use PST tubular UCAs? What's the upside / downside with those? Is the geometry diff than stock and are they similar to FF's UCAs?
  11. tallhair

    Never start a car by sticking your hand through the steering wheel to turn the key

    I always heard it as "The Lord loves a working man, don't trust whitey, see a doctor and get rid of it"
  12. tallhair

    Never start a car by sticking your hand through the steering wheel to turn the key

    Glad you came out w/o major dammage brother and thanks for sharing. I'm sure I could think for a moment and come up with some actual stupid **** I've done, not that what you did was stupid at all. I've done that a lot of times and was just luckier but like coloradodave said, I won't be doing...
  13. tallhair

    eBay Disc Brakes, anybody use them?

    I'm leaning toward using the RAMMANs 11.75" brakes .. all original parts but 15" rims are mandatory
  14. tallhair

    K-Member ID help (pic)

    If you take a picture of it from the top and bottom it can be identified that way .. by the way it's made
  15. tallhair

    Removing torsion bars permanently.

    there's a kit out there for the reinforcements .. same guys that make the form fitting sub-frame connectors and I can't recall the name right now US CARTOOL another company makes tubular ones which and there's lower rad...
  16. tallhair

    Manual front disk brake upgrade, (yes another thread)

    Any RAM MAN 11.75 inch experience out there? My Dad's 70 or 71 Fury had discs and if you stepped on that big disc-brake stamped pedal to hard it would through you through the windshield like right now. Ask me how I know that one LOL I drover a 4 speed / manual drum RR to school every day and...
  17. tallhair

    69 road runner shocks recommendation?

    Sorry paladin but hopefully in the spirit of where this is going. Do any new, well handling, cars use poly suspension components? And by new I mean modern cars being produced now
  18. tallhair

    Manual front disk brake upgrade, (yes another thread)

    I spoke to the RAM MAN yesterday and am leaning toward going with the factory 11.75 units that were designed to be mounted to the rear. Car is the 68 R/T. He's AOT of fun to talk to also. I'll be going power disc but he should be able to hook you up for manual as well.