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  1. tallhair

    AMD Bumpers Good or Bad?

    This will be a street car. I want it to look nice but not $5K nice.
  2. tallhair

    AMD Bumpers Good or Bad?

    Great info here guys. Thanks I think I’ll go AMD instead of rechrome. Who was the dealer that really gets you good deals on AMD? I think @Propwash and others used him. Any suggestions on others for good customer service and price? Feel free to PM if you want.
  3. tallhair

    How do you tell the difference between 68-70 BB throttle brackets?

    From National Mo-parts 1967-70 383 4-barrel throttle cable mounting bracket complete with zinc plated hold down and correct hex coni keps nut. Correct for A & B-Body applications. Will also fit earlier engines but is not exact replica of the 1966 version part. Use for both 4-speed and...
  4. tallhair

    How do you tell the difference between 68-70 BB throttle brackets?

    I’ve been researching and can’t find any info on how to tell the difference between B and RB throttle brackets for 68-70 b bodies. I know there are two different part numbers. Most repro stuff lumps them all together but have seen informed posters say there’s a difference between B and RB, but...
  5. tallhair

    1970 Road Runner Hemi Z-Bar compatibility question.

    Thank you for that. Saved for possible re-utilization lolz.
  6. tallhair

    Original 1968 GTX

    Good one eldubb
  7. tallhair

    Original 1968 GTX

    Are you thinking of a 67?
  8. tallhair

    Original 1968 GTX

    Maybe rust under the original they are famous for that or a tear, scratch, or stain. Or PO just liked it better. Not crazy expensive but others can comment on recent prices.
  9. tallhair

    Original 1968 GTX

    :thumbsup: My thinking was screwed up on build date but Carsten beat you to the punch.
  10. tallhair

    Original 1968 GTX

    Yes they are all correct for later built car, probably even the door locks which are moved back further than my early car.
  11. tallhair

    Original 1968 GTX

    oh thanks Carsten, I was thinking it was early. Thanks for clarification.
  12. tallhair

    Original 1968 GTX

    I’m basing following comments on early 68 Coronet R/T instead of GTX, but I’m assuming running changes would have been similar. Appears to have been a pretty early build car based on the SPD of 705, or July 5. 1. It has later style pull out metal faced ashtray instead of earlier padded one...
  13. tallhair

    Looking for opinions on how to proceed

    My Dads 71 Fury had the big C body 11.75 disc brakes and man that thing would stop! My plan is to use the same disc-o-tech setup it sounds like you are doing but will probably mount the calipers in back and keep original K frame and antisway bar, mainly cause I think the 68 sway bars look cool...
  14. tallhair

    Valve Cover Gasket Recommendations

    Both sound great and consistent with my experience.
  15. tallhair

    Adding Passenger Side Mirror

    Actually IIR the pass side should be a little further back toward the door handle on original cars but if it works for you thats great
  16. tallhair

    HID Headlight swap questions

    Propwash has an excellent thread about it and Kiwigtx is something of an expert in the matter too. He has a nice thread about it also
  17. tallhair

    1968 Coronet bee clone price

    Great year for Bee's and great color .. I don't know the price but I think it would look great finished Hi. I'm Tallhair and I love 68 Coronet's and A4
  18. tallhair

    repro 1968 Roadrunner tail finish panel

    Here you go :)
  19. tallhair

    Mystery knob on 68 Charger dash

    It definately look like a speaker fader but looks like someone "customed" it up a bit. I think they should be on the radio bezel in 68. I have one that looks factory that is on the 68 rallye radio bezel The separate bezel section is on all 68 rallye gauge cluster bezels I believe ... even...
  20. tallhair

    Buddy seat cover installation

    Would the Hog Ring pliers be useful here 69Runner?