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  1. tallhair

    Anyone use 12 inch glass packs ?

    My truck has no mufflers just pipes out the back and it get's noticed It's a 5 speed manual so that helps too ;)
  2. tallhair

    Anyone use 12 inch glass packs ?

    I have several new short glass packs if you want some I don't know how much shipping would be to the U.S.A. though :)
  3. tallhair

    361 resurrection

    OK if you say so.
  4. tallhair

    My 66 Hemi Coronet on the cover of Mopar Muscle this month

    Anyone have a link to the article? My subscription ran out so maybe that's why I can't see it
  5. tallhair

    Please help!!!! 67 dodge coronet 440 need to find...

    Yes I've been following. Very cool
  6. tallhair

    Rocket Racing wheels on a 67 B-body

    The first wheel reminds me of an 80 something camaro wheel
  7. tallhair

    My book ends

    Very nice ... I'm a little envious
  8. tallhair

    Body Shop Blues - Car Jail Plus Other Issues

    Great idea Grabinov911 and 67GTX440 .. get it out of there and get some progress going vs sitting waiting for something to happen .. you're burning daylight hehehe
  9. tallhair

    Body Shop Blues - Car Jail Plus Other Issues

    Doesn't sound promising ... I'd be thinking of cutting my losses and what was he going to to for $2,800?
  10. tallhair

    opinion on wheels

    Hey DD let's see that hood while you're posting pics .. might help visualize wheels better to see the whole look of the ensemble
  11. tallhair

    opinion on wheels

    That would look good too and be cheaper :)
  12. tallhair

    opinion on wheels

    Yes I think so
  13. tallhair

    sad day for a 1966 coronet

    Please list as many items and prices as possible Monaco. Bigger ticket or major items anyway. Cranky has a 4 door 66 so I'll shoot him a PM
  14. tallhair

    Factory Paint Colors?

    Glad to help out. Post some pics up once you're done and and update on your final choices .. may help someone else out too
  15. tallhair

    Factory Paint Colors?

    You can mix it up with cast iron look paint for the cast pieces and satin black for the steel parts to give some contrast and it looks good. I'll probably do something like that. Here's a graphical depiction in 1/24 scale LOL and some actual shots
  16. tallhair

    Keeping it original?

    Excellent advice HT !
  17. tallhair

    Brake Drum Spring?