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  1. tallhair

    Put headlites on relays.

    Get well soon Rob !
  2. tallhair

    Put headlites on relays.

    Good info here!
  3. tallhair

    hub caps on my 65 satellite

    I like the cop caps A LOT better ;). Have you thought about a set of 65 style dog dishes? There are methods discussed on the forum on how to use those with the later model wheels with smaller hubs
  4. tallhair

    Sonny's winter drears....

    tallhair loves Sonny's car
  5. tallhair

    my old 66 dodge restored pick up

    Very nice Hemi#1. Shame about the story. - - - Updated - - - Now I feel bad too. I used to have a truck very similar 66 step side Slant Six 4 speed granny low.
  6. tallhair

    my old 66 dodge restored pick up

    I'd think that would be fraud or embezzlement Can someone share a link or picture of the truck being discussed?
  7. tallhair

    Wheel Vintiques 15" "62" Series wheel

    Great idea
  8. tallhair

    pic needed-fan shroud install

    I'm interested also. What fan and how many blades is supposed to be used with this setup? Mine is a 68 R/T
  9. tallhair

    1962 Dart 2 door Sedan Interior Picture Needed.

    edited per request abloch
  10. tallhair

    difference between a '64 Belvedere, and a '64 Fury??

    You got the bonus plan baby, Oh!
  11. tallhair

    Chrome steel rims on an early B body

    yeah that'd be the ticket
  12. tallhair

    Chrome steel rims on an early B body

    This one has an owwie
  13. tallhair

    bent trim

    Agree steve .. their if it fits deals are great but that's it. I use FEDEX for other stuff and found them to be the best for most items
  14. tallhair

    bent trim

    And what? BTW my brain read that title as bent rim .. anyone else
  15. tallhair

    64' Dodge outer headlight bezels....

    Looks absolutely beautiful
  16. tallhair

    Sharing what zia_ryder found for me!

    I'm gonna need to see some more pics of that beauty brother cool looking ride :)
  17. tallhair

    62-65 B bodies photos

    I love em all. Hey guys I put this up for you over in general discussion ... everyone will see it if they click the 'New Posts' button but would it be better in the 62 - 65 Mopar forum for those that only go there?
  18. tallhair

    Mopar signs at Hobby Lobby

    I like that one. ~ $25 bucks shipped online 50% off Metal Decor Sale