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  1. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1965 Street Wedge block

    No commentary or tech questions in ads. Send the member a private message and or put tech questions in the general forum by posting a new thread there.
  2. tallhair

    FOR SALE Original 426 Hemi heads dated 1968. Original intake. Rocker assemblies.

    Let's keep comments to the items for sale. If you have any further tech question please post it in the tech area.
  3. tallhair

    FOR SALE 400 stroker

    Please post a price. It is required per the site rules if you have to use google to search for other engines for sale to get an idea
  4. tallhair

    FOR TRADE Various Big Block Parts and Center Chunk

    Prices are required. What do you want for the items?
  5. tallhair

    FOR SALE 508 Big block stroker short block for sale

    Give fastenal a shot on shipping. Probably < $150 store to store
  6. tallhair

    SOLD Big block performance parts for sale

    You didn't include a price for the carb Mikey
  7. tallhair

    FOR SALE Hurst Shifter - 1970 B Body with Bench Seat

    I'm not a master of anything but a collector of information like we all are LOL .. and there is always someone who knows more than I do or has some conflicting info with something I always thought I knew so I'm aware of my limitations brother and always learning, but thanks very much for the...
  8. tallhair

    FOR SALE Hurst Shifter - 1970 B Body with Bench Seat

    If you are talking about the shifter handle YY1 68's had Inland shifters earlier ones anyway 69's had Hurst shifters with round handle shaft and wood grain ball 70's had Pistol grip if 4 speed (3 speed was standard equipment)
  9. tallhair

    SOLD 230 casting 400

    Congrats Jim .. good luck
  10. tallhair

    FOR SALE 8 3/4 rear

    you package they strap to pallet and may seran wrap if necessary
  11. tallhair

    FOR SALE 8 3/4 rear

    I'll bet fastenal would do it for ~$100
  12. tallhair

    SOLD Mopar Big Block M/T Valve Covers

    And you can again :)
  13. tallhair

    Mopar performance small block top end kit

    " no email or phone numbers in ads - please use Personal Message (PM) tool " Click members name and select "Private Message" and it will cause them to get an email notification at their email address that they have a new PM here PS the ad is a year old and the seller posted twice total so...
  14. tallhair

    SOLD Mopar Big Block M/T Valve Covers

    These are just shelf dirty and in nice shape They would also look great painted up like Mr Speedfreak's with black wrinkle, or maybe organisol...