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  1. tallhair

    1968 B Body - Early vs Late Differences - CORONET Model

    I’m posting this thread for discussion and documentation of body, trim, paint, interior, mechanical, etc production changes made during the 68 model year to Dodge Coronet R/Ts, 500s, Super Bees., etc. Please keep this thread on topic to the 1968 CORONET model line Example: Early got Inland...
  2. tallhair

    Question about: B body spare tire hold down threaded rod and wing nut

    Are 66 - 70 B body Convert spare tire hold downs (the threaded rod with a crook at one end) the same on hardtop/coupe and convertibles? Or were ones for converts longer or a different shape or something? I have some that came out of hard tops but my R/T convert didn't have an original one...
  3. tallhair

    Chemical stripping and media blasting on IL side of STL

    Anyone know of good media blasting services and chemical stripping companies the Belleville, IL area? Would appreciate any sources in ~50-75 ish mile radius east of the river but would prefer to stay on IL side of Mississippi for logistics reasons :). However if someone has had good luck with...