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  1. khryslerkid

    How to get any updates on my order status

    One thing with ordering something from these places is to see if the item is even "in stock". They almost hide the wording "out of stock". I can think of several items that are listed with different vendors and they are out of stock. The reason being that the manufacturer they get the part from...
  2. khryslerkid

    Hello B-Body folks.......

    You're just jealous! :rofl:
  3. khryslerkid

    Mopar Battery Covers

    Useing the measurements would be a good idea. From the adds description... Topper Inside Measurements are as follows: 10-5/16" x 6-7/8" x 5/8" Post Center to Center is 8-3/16"
  4. khryslerkid

    Mopar Battery Covers

    Cheaper than these...