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  1. tallhair

    70 Road Runner engine call out

    I’ve seen ads for 70 Road Runner engine call outs, the engine size that goes in the back of the 70 bulge and they say doesn’t fit if it has turn signals. Why is that? The length seems similar to me. If they’re actually different what is the difference? My car has turn signals in the power...
  2. tallhair

    70 Air Grabber hose grommet

    Discussion thread for 70 Air Grabber firewall hose grommet for 3 hoses. Looking for info. I don’t know if reproduced but if they are let me know. Or if you have an original looking work around would appreciate info. Looks like this installed Thanks to @kiwigtx for the pictures.
  3. tallhair

    Tallhair's Convert - attempt to get going on this mechanical refurb so I can drive it

    2 years ago I pulled my 68 Coronet R/T Convert out of long term storage and pulled the engine and trans and started doing a little cleaning and buying of needed parts ..... then got stuck with other life things going on and I can't seem to get going. I'm still very busy with other stuff so...
  4. tallhair

    Restoration project management - anyone have a excel or PM tool to share?

    Well I've been busy following Budnicks advice and filling my (virtual) library and am ready to start my project management portion of the resto. I've been reading others restoration posts, researching and saving how to info, reference lists etc. I figure it's best to do this now so i'll have...
  5. tallhair

    Looking for Body Man / Shop in the STL metro east area (Illinois side of the river)

    Looking for Body Shop / Man in the STL metro east area (Illinois side of the river) Hey guys, Hopefully there are some members from my neck of the woods lurking around here. I'm looking to get started on a 68 Dodge Convert or a 70 Plymouth B-body and need some suggestions on a good Mopar...
  6. tallhair

    Just found my fender tag and had to tell some one!

    Please excuse my exuberance but i am still ecstatic and cannot stand not having someone to share my excitement and RELIEF with! It's been missing for several years and i was sick because i was almost certain that it had gotten permanently lost (or possibly destroyed but that's another story)...