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  1. tallhair

    SOLD 1970 Roadrunner GTX Original Air Grabber Hose Grommet

    I want it. which side is firewall?
  2. tallhair


    I’ll take em
  3. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1969 Super Bee lift off hood

    Is it original or reproduction? What do you think yours is worth/value? Recommend you post some pics.
  4. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1972-1979 B Body Rechromed Bumpers

    It’s not that. There is a for sale area and this is it. Good luck with the sale. :thumbsup:
  5. tallhair

    SOLD 67-68-69 bbody fender mounted bullets

    Commentary is NOT allowed in For Sale forums. Relevant questions ONLY! Please Click Here and read all the rules before posting in this forum:
  6. tallhair

    FOR SALE I have a real 1971 air grabber hood

    Something is a little backwards here. Crummyrunner please click mmissle's user id and send him a private message to discuss Or mmissle please just send him a PM with contact info :)
  7. tallhair

    SOLD 1966-67 Dodge Charger Headlight Assemblies

    please mark ads SOLD using thread tools in first post
  8. tallhair

    FOR SALE AMD Mopar B Body Deck Filler Patch Set 4-pc $140

    Please do not negotiate in the ad forums Do Not Post email addresses or Phone Numbers in posts Commentary is NOT allowed in For Sale forums. Relevant questions ONLY! Please Click Here and read all the rules before posting in this forum Click here...
  9. tallhair

    FOR SALE 66 - 70 B body Hood Hinges and Springs

    Hood Hinges for a 66 67 68 69 70 Charger Coronet Satellite Belvedere GTX Road Runner (3 SETS) Nice Matched Sets - $45 SE HD pictures available by email If interested or you have questions send me a Private Message by clicking my username. Include phone AND email address in your...
  10. tallhair

    FOR SALE 72 roadrunner bumpers

    Click his username and select send a 'private message' with your contact info Ray. He will get an email notification
  11. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1968 coronet hood and fenders

    click his username and send him a PM so he get's an email friend
  12. tallhair

    SOLD 1969 Roadrunner Deck Lid (Trunk Lid)

    Click members username and select "send private message"
  13. tallhair

    SOLD 383 Hood Emblem Ornment 66 67 Satellite Belvedere

    No commentary in ads please
  14. tallhair

    SOLD 69 RR Tail Lights

    please mark ads sold when sold thanks
  15. tallhair

    FOR SALE 68 Road Runner GTX Hood Inserts

    Click his username and select 'private message' and share your email/phone etc.
  16. tallhair

    FOR SALE Misc Charger parts from my '74 SE

    Please list some prices Jimmy
  17. tallhair

    FOR SALE Daytona - Superbird

    Very nice. Please follow forum rules and post prices
  18. tallhair

    FOR SALE WTB: 69 roadrunner tail light extension. Drivers Side.

    Well I see no answer so I went out and checked on the one I have but unfortunately it's pass side. I thought AMD was reproducing but I don't see them out there. Good luck to you
  19. tallhair

    SOLD 69 Dodge Dart Tail light

    SOLD Thanks FBBO