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    Shockwave Jet Truck

    I saw that truck run at Englishtown years ago. RIP
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    Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger won't be down for breakfast

    I'm with you. while a legend he was not the best kind of citizen. I wont mis him but wouldn't have known he was dead if it weren't for this place
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    Mopar spark plugs a collectible?

    I left them in the box. Thats how they come in a box of ten. like hotdogs and rolls
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    Mopar spark plugs a collectible?

    i got a box of 10 from a friend for free and installed them in my 64.
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    Master Cylinder R&R Cost?

    what did you pay?
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    Truck Transmission?

    might have a 4-pinion planetary
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    WTB 62-65 Master Cylinder Cap

    I may have one....
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    Genie garage door openers....piss poor quality and service.

    That genie is cool.....Thanks, I needed that :thumbsup:
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    Genie garage door openers....piss poor quality and service.

    I bought a Genie screw drive opener for my house a few years ago and have not had great luck with it. first circuit board died due to a power surge so a replacement was found along with a recall notice that I never got that the boards were no good and an up grade as available. at a cost. Right...
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    The not a meme meme thread

    maybe use the services you pay for in your taxes and send the animal warden to their house to do a welfare check on the dogs.
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    Freaking Oil Prices / Oil to Electric Conversion

    I just moved to south florida.....illl never buy another tank of heating oil again ever. Fuk NJ
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    Camshaft question for the group

    looks like a big block cam
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    Right stuff rear brake proportion valve issues

    I had issues with parts from inline tube. leaking valves from day one. got a new one from dr diff. not an OE but no leaks. Rotsa ruk
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    I might take this out for a spin tomorrow, what do you all think?

    id be haulin ass around that field with my foot to the floor.....great fun
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    WTB Looking for a 71 belt molding E body convertible

    Thanks for the info...sad for sure, ken ordered the Mouldings for my convertible from the hospital last October, I wont be at Carlisle this year so I wont have to find out there. Ill dedicate my next cruise to him.
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    Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944

    Thank you to all who stepped up and made the world a better place.
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    WTB Looking for a 71 belt molding E body convertible

    Wow sorry to hear that , he was a great guy. I spent some time with him at Carlisle last summer. Call Stephens . They may be able to help
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    WTB Looking for a 71 belt molding E body convertible

    You might want to try Ken Mosier. 317 709 3625. He helped me with lots of hard to find parts for my challenger ragtop. He also works with Stephens performance. Ken was sick with cancer last year but still working. Give a call
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    First cruise in sw FL....

    Right back at you... learn some tolerance will be a nicer person. Or don't and be a dic