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  1. Don Frelier

    Ubolts with flattened top? and pinion seal question...

    I think grade 5 would be fine. There are 4 of them and they only do 1/4 of the rear of the car. I would install new bushings in the springs as well if you have everything apart.
  2. Don Frelier

    MSD Conversion

    Okay I'm guessing you did double check the firing order?
  3. Don Frelier

    MSD Conversion

    Are you sure you were at TDC on number 1? You may have been on the exhaust stroke if you were pointing at number 3. If you pulled the old distributor out and it was pointed at number 1 then your close to 180 off. In which case it shouldn't even run. My 383 runs well at 30 degrees advanced but...
  4. Don Frelier

    Made it to 100,000 miles

    It's going 17 mph. What makes you think it's idling?
  5. Don Frelier

    Ticking/knocking after warm up

    I don't think 20 psi at idle is really low. Sounds like it's a collapsed lifter. Is it just in one spot? There's also been a rash of worn fuel pump pushrods which can clatter as well. If it sounds like the front of the engine that would be another thing to check.
  6. Don Frelier

    Manual brakes: upgrade issue

    You can get a dual master for a 67 for less money than the adapter plate.
  7. Don Frelier

    What coil to use with chrome box?

    Well actually you would get a higher voltage spark without the ballast resistor since you would have 12 x turns ratio Vs approximately 9x tunsvratio. But it may not have much longevity.
  8. Don Frelier

    Happy birthday Dominick Olivito

    :bday: :bday::thumbsup::drinks:
  9. Don Frelier

    Hard steering

    Make sure everything is greased. It makes a difference.
  10. Don Frelier

    Florida rapper 'SpotemGottem' arrested after Miami jet ski chase

    So they spotted him and later got him? Or more simply put they SpotemGottem SpotemGottem. Glad that clears things up.
  11. Don Frelier

    19 year old trying his best

    Welcome from NY. 20 years is a long time for an old car to sit. Brakes and tires need to be high on your priority list. Looking forward to your progress and questions.
  12. Don Frelier

    War Movies - What are the Best ?

    I didn't see: The Deer Hunter with Christopher Walken perhaps my favourite actor
  13. Don Frelier

    Which electronic ignition

    Also the "shorting" wire inside the ballast need not be any lower gauge than the wires connected to it.
  14. Don Frelier

    Which electronic ignition

    I've never tried it but you can use the Mopar ECU with points:
  15. Don Frelier

    Cam shaft Numbers help.

    Well that doesn't seem so easy... I did a little checking but can't correlate the sharpie writing with that cam? It could be a custom?
  16. Don Frelier

    Cam shaft Numbers help.

    pretty easy with Google
  17. Don Frelier

    anyone know of a reputable paint shop that can color match custom paint without a code?

    I just had my hood painted at literally the closest shop to home. They had a gun to read the paint color. It is very very close but I think white can be a tough one.
  18. Don Frelier

    Fuel pump pushrods-Again

    Sorry my post was poorly written. To clarify: 1. The fuel pump in the Plymouth is about 4 years old (it was new at the time) 2. The fuel pump from the Charger was removed when I switched to EFI about 6 years ago (that one is in a bag in my parts room). I said same pump meaning it was the same...
  19. Don Frelier

    Fuel pump pushrods-Again

    :eek: Yikes