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  1. Studio70

    Another Rear Main Seal Thread

    Rope Seals work best. Check the finish on your crank. I WASTED massive time and effort on rubber seals. Again look at the crank. They are complicated to install thats why no one does them . Watch the attached , it me help.
  2. B Movies - Slalom

    B Movies - Slalom

    Get a hold of yourself... Torsion bars Brakes Tires Shocks
  3. Studio70

    Project Alternator/Electric Fan: still have questions (I have read all the archives)

    I was unhappy with the 110 amp square back alternators from proform. So now I am doing the 12si 140 amp. The only change I have need to make was the lower bracket. Found a more curvy ford unit and hammered it flat to work. I have a big dual cooling fan setup and an audio amp as well as 4...
  4. Studio70

    Yes it did. My car had an 8 1/4 put in it at some point in time. I dont think the tail shaft...

    Yes it did. My car had an 8 1/4 put in it at some point in time. I dont think the tail shaft was any higher. I think it ends up being about the same as the 904/727. The 518 is much longer which shortens the drive shaft increasing the angle a bit. I did drive it for a long time after the swap...
  5. Studio70

    My 1978 Dodge Monaco 4 door sedan.

    Wonderful cars these B Bodies are.
  6. Studio70

    Another Rear Main Seal Thread

    Rope seal for the win. Rope seal for the win. The issue I had with the rubber style seals leaking was with the crank shaft surface.
  7. B Movies

    B Movies

    Paying tribute to Saturday morning car chase's. Share your B-body Burnouts.
  8. Studio70

    Big Block Mopar Mickey Thompson Valve Covers or Mopar Performance Valve Covers?

    Go for the cheap Summit DieCast Covers and do your own thing on them. I just had vinyl stickers printed up to give a throw back nod to Mopars hustle stuff. I adore the Cal Customs but they are wayyyy to expensive. When is Holley gonna buy out the name and products and start reproducing the...
  9. Studio70

    The 383 still won't fire once!!!!

    Sat for a long long ?....check the carburetor...its probable full of gunk or has a tiny particle of dirt in a passage...who knows. When stuff sits all kinds of gremlins get to work. Just get into it and go through everything so it runs reliable. That doesn't mean replace...
  10. Studio70

    Borgenson vs. Lares 11043

    Definitely go with the Borg Box.
  11. Studio70

    How Many Mopars Do You Currently Own?

    This is one of 3. My daily driver car.
  12. Studio70

    Reproduction Upper Control Arms

    Get creative...I used all thread and an old crush sleeve with a few washers. Muscle building exercise for sure. The biggest issue is the socket for the ball joints and ratchet. Nice having mopar buddies to borrow stuff like that from.
  13. Studio70

    Reproduction Upper Control Arms

    The cheap rock auto sets look great but fit is not good. A waste of money. They rub on the frame tabs at the inner bushings and the bushing that comes with them is 3/4" inside diameter instead of 1/2". I fail to see a difference in these cheapo arms and the over priced ones from name brand...
  14. Studio70

    Aztec Gold 73 Charger

    Take my money
  15. Studio70

    Comment by 'Studio70' in item 'LA to B'

    Its rolling..