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  1. 3white74

    WTB Help please

    Looking for a person to drive over there and see what is going on???...any help appreciated
  2. 3white74

    WTB Help please

    Still need help with this ....747mopar out there ???
  3. 3white74

    Power Steering Gear

    Steer and gear in Ohio top notch
  4. 3white74

    WTB Z bar and linkage for 69 Charger

    I have a zbar ... what else u need?
  5. 3white74

    Door latch restoration

    I found a duplicolor paint that was. Pretty close match instead of replating ...,
  6. 3white74

    WTB Help please

    Any help appreciated please
  7. 3white74

    WTB Help please

  8. 3white74

    WTB Help please

    Anyone in Ohio near Don's custom exhaust shop he is a vendor at Carlisle sold me an exhaust system last year and still owes me merchandise..... He is not responding to my text calls or emails..... Didn't know if someone can drive over to the shop address and see if he is okay???
  9. 3white74

    FOR SALE B/E A833 4 Speed

    Pm sent
  10. 3white74

    SOLD 440-6 Distributor #2875982 - $550

    Very interested.....your...inbox is full ....need this for my car... please contact me !!!
  11. 3white74

    FOR SALE B/E A833 4 Speed

    Tried to send a private message but your in box is full interested Steve in Schenectady NY
  12. 3white74

    440 Exhaust manifold gasket

    I would order remflex from summit racing more leaks after that ..... factory did not put exhaust manifold gasket on !!!
  13. 3white74

    WTB 69-70 440 6 pack kickdown linkage

    Ill try it ....was hoping for nice used set for a survivor type build
  14. 3white74

    WTB 69-70 440 6 pack kickdown linkage

    Not available that I can find right now .....lmk if you have a supplier that has it in stock?
  15. 3white74

    WTB 69-70 440 6 pack kickdown linkage

    Looking to purchase at least one set of original 1969 or 1970 440 six pack / six barrel automatic transmission kick down linkage.... Any help or leads appreciated thanks fbbo
  16. 3white74

    18 Spline Transmission Question

    Most likely a warranty trans .... having a raised pad for vin indicates 68 and newer transmission....,67 and later no raised vin pad .. .. probably should just donate it to me ..those are illegal in state of Alabama I've heard?
  17. 3white74

    WTB Interior B Pillar (Post Cars Only) Vinyl covers

    I may have one more set .... have to check
  18. 3white74

    FOR SALE 1968 A833

    I'll take it if others back out
  19. 3white74

    SOLD 1968 Bucket Seats $1500 OBO

    Id price them at 700-800 range