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  1. Beekeeper

    Secondary Positive battery cable size?

    I think found the answer to my question. If I’m correct it’s a #8 from battery to relay and a #10 from relay to starter?
  2. Beekeeper

    Thermostat part number needed

    Yep I haven’t been able to track one down.
  3. Beekeeper

    Thermostat part number needed

    Just a brand name I know and have used the most but probably as equal choices out there as well.
  4. Beekeeper

    Secondary Positive battery cable size?

    What size is the smaller wire on the positive cable that comes from the battery and connects to start relay and the one that goes from relay to starter solenoid? I’m gonna make my battery cables for my Hemi I can’t find one that I can trust and Frank Badalson is out of them and M&H says they...
  5. Beekeeper

    Thermostat part number needed

    Can someone give me the part number for a big block stant 180 degree superstat?
  6. Beekeeper

    66 Belvedere II Hemi Project

    That would be simple to make with some measurements from Dick Cranium!
  7. Beekeeper

    Poly 318 4bbl conversion goes splat

    Did you change the cam? I didn’t see that mentioned but if you did and didn’t degree it that’s part of your problem it could be anywhere from retarded to way advanced and the former would kill your power.
  8. Beekeeper

    Poly 318 4bbl conversion goes splat

    I would take a closer look at the timing. 32 degrees by 3200 seems late to me and have you tried bumping the initial timing up until it just pings and back it off a couple degrees?
  9. Beekeeper

    Pulling 383 engine

    Installation and removal of the engine is done with the two bolts you first removed. Sometimes when removing you may need to lift the engine a small amount more one side this helps to get it free. I’m not sure why you had trouble removing it by removing the two bolts thats the best way and for...
  10. Beekeeper

    440 Big Block Vapor Separator

    I picked up a repop one kinda recent and it’s correct
  11. Beekeeper

    440 motor what do the numbers mean

    Kinda hard to interpret but looks like you have a A833 4 speed trans from a 1968 St. Louis built car. C97622 is the tail shaft casting number.
  12. Beekeeper

    440 block identification help

    ^^^ this and assembled on 2nd shift
  13. Beekeeper

    Pulling 383 engine

    Yes the bolts marked 3 will do the trick
  14. Beekeeper

    Pulling 383 engine

    Them are kinda hard to remove but I use a small chisel and hammer to tap them off or a small pair of channel locks to push them off. I probably don’t know the simple trick to remove them:lol:
  15. Beekeeper

    Quick Spectra tank question..

    Not sure on the tanks but the 3/8 sending unit was installed on the cars with 440hp and 426 hemi and 5/16 on the rest.
  16. Beekeeper

    FOR SALE 1966 Plymouth 426 hood emblem

    Open your PMs and over by ”replies” there’s a check box. Select the conversations you want to trash then click the trash button on the top left.
  17. Beekeeper

    What am I missing? Can't get dash power...

    Have you checked that your dash frame and chassis is at the same potential? The dash frame needs to have a low resistance to ground if it’s been painted along with the C pillar it could be that the ground connection that is established with the bolts attaching the dash frame to the chassis is...
  18. Beekeeper

    Pulling 383 engine

    That may work but here’s the procedure in the service manual
  19. Beekeeper

    Pulling 383 engine

    Disconnect the linkage from the clutch pedal and to the clutch fork. the torque shaft on the inner fender side has a nut holding the pivot ball to the inner fender remove the nut. the bell housing end has the ball pivot stud threaded in the bell housing unscrew it and the shaft should be able...
  20. Beekeeper

    To replace rear main seal, or not to replace rear main seal -

    That pan is correct for 70’-71’ hemi and six pack engines.