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  1. coloradodave

    FOR SALE Parting Out 63 Plymouth Belvedere 4 Door.

    Hello, Did you sell the parking light housings? I need one. Lens not important, but no dents or deep scratches. Thanks for your time. Dave
  2. coloradodave

    1963 Fury 4 speed conversion

    Mikespolara: I can't help you with the pedal assembly but I recently converted my 63 Fury to a 5 Speed, so I have the following available for sale: Lakewood scattershield with bolts and block saver plate, American Powertrain hydraulic T/O bearing assembly less master cylinder & hose, 1964 A833...
  3. coloradodave

    1964 Fury Convertible top adjustment brackets

    Whoops! Looks like I'm a little late to the party. Your pieces look great!
  4. coloradodave

    1964 Fury Convertible top adjustment brackets

    I found a few pictures of my 63 Fury that might help you as well...
  5. coloradodave

    Your opinion on this repair (Carpenter & Upholstory Work)

    Michael, I'm a long time woodworker as a hobby, so that means I'm not a professional. However, after having worked with plywood (laminated wood) for over 50 years, I am surprised your chair was built that way and then repaired like it was. A hole drilled sideways through the plies has very...
  6. coloradodave


    This is a recommendation for Speedometer Service Company in Fountain, Colorado after having used them to make a custom speedometer cable for my new Tremec TKX 5 speed to my Autometer speedometer. The owner, Rusty, is very knowledgeable and quickly made and shipped exactly what I specified at a...
  7. coloradodave

    FOR SALE Nos? 1963 Fury Front Park Lamp lens

    Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you. Life has gotten in the way so my priorities have changed for awhile. Thank you for the pictures. I appreciate it. Dave
  8. coloradodave

    FOR SALE Nos? 1963 Fury Front Park Lamp lens

    Hello, Do you still have this lens? If so, can you send a few close up pictures of the 'shelf' wear, particularly as seen from the front? Thanks
  9. coloradodave

    New wheels are on

    I may be a little biased but great choice, Doug. I have the Billet Specialties Street Lites in 15x12 and 15x6 on my street car.
  10. coloradodave

    WTB 63 Plymouth Park/Turn lamp assembly with clear lens.

    As header states, in very good to excellent condition.
  11. coloradodave

    FOUND 1963 B body passenger side door

    Looking for a good, rust free right side door for a convertible or H/T. Don't need glass, guts, card, etc. but will consider any. Shipping to CA, 95648.
  12. coloradodave

    FOUND Passenger side door - 63 Plym/Dodge H/T or Convertible

    I need a passenger side door for a 1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible or H/T. Rust free and in decent condition. Glass, window mechanism, trim and door card not important. Shipping is to CA.
  13. coloradodave

    LS Swapped 69 Charger

    Love your car and your ingenuity. Have fun and be safe...
  14. coloradodave

    What is causing my misfiring while driving ?

    It may well be an electrical issue, but have you eliminated intermittent loss of fuel? It sounds like it could also be a filter that allows some flow and then clogs with crap, causing the engine to die. Fuel tank sock filters as well as inline filters are famous for this, particularly when the...
  15. coloradodave

    Wedge hood scoop

    Not really: Just a few, but there are more...
  16. coloradodave

    Pitman Arm - Just Curious

    Ron, I had a similar problem several years ago. Factory P/S box. Stupid me had thrown out the OEM arm when I disassembled the front end. Tried the NAPA replacement as well as one from Ehrenberg (?). Had a friend with a 50 ton press cold bend the NAPA one to match a template I made from...
  17. coloradodave

    Being Enticed to Wear a Mask

    Here you go, Dennis:
  18. coloradodave

    2x4 manifold

    Another take on 1 to 1 linkage:
  19. coloradodave

    Oil in the weirdest places

    Or, replace the nylon or copper tube with a premium hose kit like this: