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  1. stuntman69

    727 transmission aluminum pan replacement

    I would also recommend the lubelocker gasket with the metal core. used one on my a904 when i got a deeper pan and it doesn't leak. As others have said, aluminum pans can be quite pricy so be prepared for that
  2. stuntman69

    1974 Charger

    Sweet car. Lots of potential there.
  3. stuntman69

    My 1978 Dodge Monaco 4 door sedan.

    Awesome car. love the progress. the thread was a good read and the vlogs along the way were a good touch!
  4. stuntman69

    Magnum 500’s NOT hub centric !

    Would a static balance with an old school bubble balancer work out with these wheels? That's most likely how they would have been balanced back in the day.
  5. stuntman69

    Replace Magnum 500 Center Cap Inserts

    I think I ended up heating mine up a bit with a hairdryer and getting a small pick tool underneath the adhesive foil. they come off pretty easily once you get them worked up. The main issue afterwards is getting the 50+ year old glue off. isopropyl alcohol helps with that
  6. stuntman69

    Painted bolt protection? Any tricks?

    Lol but seriously just brush touch them afterwards. I work in a body shop and that's what we do. Especially if you're going to be doing a lot of adjustments to get it lined up ex. a hood or fender. All these precautions others have mentioned will work but it's a lot of prep and care for some...
  7. 1970 Coronet at Woodward

    1970 Coronet at Woodward

    Here's my original unrestored 70 Coronet sedan at the Woodward cruise last summer. It's been a Detroit car it's whole life and was owned by a Chrysler engineer for most of it's life. It's got a 318 and an A-904. I happened to park next to this green '70 R/T clone one of the days I went.
  8. stuntman69

    jack decal location,Grave yard cars screwed up I think

    Mines original and unrestored. decal is right on the center brace
  9. stuntman69

    FOUND 1970 Coronet 4 Door Sedan or Wagon

    I am looking to buy a 1970 coronet 4dr sedan or wagon. looking for a decent driver but would be willing to take on a project if it's a complete car. I am located in the detroit area.
  10. stuntman69

    new from detroit

    thanks for the warm welcome everyone! really excited to start looking for my first classic mopar soon
  11. stuntman69

    new from detroit

    His name's Duke!
  12. stuntman69

    new from detroit

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums. never owned a B-body but I hope to someday, I have a 65 Mercury right now but i'm planning on expanding my fleet soon. looking at a few different b-body mopars cause i've always wanted one. and figured this would be the place to check out. Hope to spend a lot...