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  1. paladin06

    WTB 1969 Dodge Charger

    Looking for a nice original driver. R/T, automatic, AC, any color but black or white. In the 60-70k price range.
  2. paladin06

    Ever see a Black Superbird?

    Wow but, is it a clone?
  3. paladin06


    Is she still for sale and where is it?
  4. paladin06

    Smoking the tires

    I miss my B body but the hunt is on for a nice 68, 69 or 70 Charger.
  5. paladin06

    WTB 68 or 69 Charger

    Sold my 72 A Body and my 69 B body. Looking for a nice 69 Charger that’s a driver. 383 engine and 727 auto. Plz advise. Thx Greg
  6. paladin06

    SOLD 1969 roadrunner

    The car has sold.
  7. paladin06

    Help a youngster with value of this Super Bee...

    I got a real nice 69 road runner for sale on this forum.
  8. paladin06

    For RoadRunner Lovers

    Man, that is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  9. paladin06

    David Bowie dies at 69

    Are they sure it was cancer? RIP.
  10. paladin06

    SOLD 1969 roadrunner

    Price drop to $41K.
  11. paladin06

    SOLD 1969 roadrunner

    I will also throw in the factory exhaust heads for the motor.
  12. paladin06

    SOLD 1969 roadrunner

    My 1969 road runner is for sale. Asking $42K OBO. Some specifics are as follows. I have a 3 inch binder full of receipts. It is a real 69 road runner. The old tired 383 motor is gone and replaced by a fresh, 1970 440 (375hp) motor. It has a Dominator 850 - 4bbl carb on top. It has a fully...
  13. paladin06

    Brake Lights???

    Well, once I got some light under the dash I was clear a wire was disconnected. I've no idea how or for how lung it was disconnected, perhaps since the master cylinder was replaced months ago. Thx all.
  14. paladin06

    Brake Lights???

    Thanks. I didn't get a ticket. He just advised that I have it looked at. - - - Updated - - - Thanks. I check in the morning. I just got rear ended in my new Hellcat so I'm not a happy camper right now. PS - should there be two wires on the switch at the pedal? I only see one connected.
  15. paladin06

    Brake Lights???

    I see the switch. It does not appear to move when I press the brake peddle. Also I see two connectors on the switch but only one wire. :icon_cyclops:
  16. paladin06

    Brake Lights???

    Went to a car show today with the road runner. We took 1st place of course. Anyway on the way home I got pulled over and cop said you have no brake lights. Gave me a warning and he loved the car. Anyway, the running lights work and the turn signals work but no brake lights. Where should I start...
  17. paladin06

    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth road runner

    Price reduced to $45K.
  18. paladin06

    FOR SALE 1969 Plymouth road runner

    Not sold yet. Check the link below.
  19. paladin06

    Mopars invade Chevy dealership!

    Very nice.