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  1. scotts74birds

    1971 Roadrunner stall problems when put in reverse

    Basics people. Put a vacuum gauge on it, and go from there.
  2. scotts74birds

    Big Block TTI headers

    Have you tried one of the Dodge Dakota V-8 starters? These were mini from the factory, and have the torque to turn a big-block stroker.
  3. scotts74birds

    New Chainsaw - Any Recommendations

    My Canadian friend also rebuilt his 1976 Sears Craftsman 2-stage snow blower. This thing is a monster! You couldn't buy one this good at any price nowdays.
  4. scotts74birds

    New Chainsaw - Any Recommendations

    Never thought I would see a Canadian asking about chainsaws. Thought that was a DNA thing! LOL. Anyway, great advice here from everyone. Stihl, Husky, and McCullah are good choices. But one idea. My good friend, who is Canadian, buys only older saws from the 80's, and earlier. He rehabs...
  5. scotts74birds

    Comments about purists and haters is getting really old

    I'm not a "purist", but for GOD's sake, please make sure the "Go-Wing" is not installed backwards!
  6. scotts74birds

    Crankcase venting...

    With out a pvc, the breathers tend to "drool". I'd rather have the breather as an "air-intake", than an oily exhaust that vents "blow-by" all over the engine compartment. I'd try to fab something into the air-cleaner base from a pvc to try to provide a "negative-pressure" to the crankcase.
  7. scotts74birds

    Exhaust Pricing

    TTI is the "gold-standard" for exhausts as far as fit-and-finish for our cars. I personally have not seen any better production system. I have seen some great custom jobs, but not a better off-the-shelf system.
  8. scotts74birds

    Alternator pieces parts

    I think that is called a "B" post, or "B+" post insulator. They are readily available. Knowing the name of it is half the battle! Alternators are seldom toast. Unless they smell burnt. A squeal, or noise, is the bearing, and 90% of the rest is the rectifier.
  9. scotts74birds

    What's next - not starting 440 with Demon - HELP!

    So this carb DID run at one time, or is it new? It ran rich before? Maybe floats set while stopped, but ever when running? Do you have a fuel-pressure regulator? How many psi do you have? Holleys and Demons like 4-6, Eddys like 7-8. A stock replacement fuel-pump can put out 12psi.
  10. scotts74birds

    Direct tv......

    Have had DirecTv for 10 years. Storms and snow can cause some issues, but I'm not a complainer. Have too much **** on the DVR to watch anyway! Equipment has been fine, but some of the "techs" they have sent are idiots! Bad terminations, want to drill holes on the outside of my house, too fat...
  11. scotts74birds

    Ask to "Check the Box" at Autozone

    I agree with all the above. I now do most of my purchases on the web. As of late, it is very difficult to find chain-stores that can even GET quality parts. Napa has to sell "chinesium" just to compete. I'm sorry to say the world has changed for us wrench-turners. For the average Joe, AZ is...
  12. scotts74birds

    Knockout game goes right!!

    I agree that the legal "application-of-force" is "supposed" to be suspended, once the threat is neutralized. However, the victims primal instincts of "fight-or-flight" may be hard to control after an attack like that. How about a little "PTSD" thrown in there for defense? Assault the wrong...
  13. scotts74birds

    Advice on a turbocharged 440cui engine build.

    Hi Halle! Wanting to build a 400-B-Block based stroker for mine. Mega-squirt is part of the plan. I also want sequential, not batch-fire, so a camshaft position sensor will be needed. I also want to eliminate the dizzy, and do a coil-per-plug set-up. So I would need to blank-off the dizzy...
  14. scotts74birds

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

    Step kid actually went to the Chinese buffet. Told her to to buy extra carry-out containers tonight! LOL!
  15. scotts74birds

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

    Great! Once again the "In-laws" will descend upon my house like the biblical locusts! I have no family, so I'm all alone here. Her angry dad, Jesus-striken mother, and creepy brother (that I try to keep away from the children), will all be in attendance. Any chance that they will return the...
  16. scotts74birds

    For you germaphobes and everyone else for that matter...Pretty cool stuff.

    It is interesting. May I pose a different approach? Whilst ( Who ever uses that word?) the completely anti-bacterial properties of this may be good for surgery, for preventing non-native organisms, this is not an end-all solution. The human body, and especially the "gut" is s a veritable...
  17. scotts74birds

    This is why people say, "If it's not Boeing, I'm not going...."

    Not a pilot, but always a "wanna-be" that follows aviation. Why is cockpit control not standardized? Step 1. They say in any emergency, the first thing is to "FLY" the plane. F the indicators, keep the attitude level, and work from there. Any idiot could tell that at engine-output, the...
  18. scotts74birds

    Federalist Papers. Anyone read, or heard of?

    The Federalist papers, in my layman's interpretation is a basic way the constitution should be administered, and clauses for conduct and fairness. These were written by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and many other loyal...
  19. scotts74birds

    Sons of Anachy T-shirt gift.

    Thanks for the support! The wife tends to go on on subjects for so long that it just wears me down, and I stop arguing. I don't give-in, but I just stop arguing. I think she chalks it up as a WIN, but the long lasting resentment festers. Ever heard the saying of "Won the battle, but lost the...
  20. scotts74birds

    What do you guys make of this?

    Its up to us as parents to educate our children as to the risks of technology. The current generation thinks NOTHING about sharing every detail of their lives on-line. All we can do is arm them with the truth, and hope they take the correct course. The 800 lb gorilla in the room, is that...