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    Fair price for an untested 69-70 AM 8 track?

    plus the electricals. The dozens of Solder joints do not like moisture. I marvel at sellers who want a significant price for something but can't even wipe the dirt off. Are the dials pitted? Can't tell what's under the dirt. A ten year old could figure out how to test it. Of course the belt...
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    Gauge needle orange

    I see the Sharpie F4R/T posted is paint, not ink. Those are at any office store
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    Cheap-O seat covers?

    How about those covers for dogs that get muddy? Some look pretty stout, like they are canvas or something.
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    painting/ dying dash pad

    I think they make stuff from many different plastics. To repair a bumper cover, I searched the internet and found it was polypropolene while other models of the same make and year were made of ABS. The PP called for a certain adhesive. Your dash may have markings that identify what it is made...