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    67 coronet rt cluster

    Watchmakers have an incredible selection of bearings and bushings to do their work. They are made of brass and semi-precious stone, but I don't think any are plastic, but if they are, it will be an hard plastic.
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    GTX destruction

    It was pre crashed on the R front fender too.
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    426 Wedge in a 66 Coronet?

    In the 70's, a guy in a 66 Charger approached me in a parking lot. We were admiring each other's cars when he told me his was a factory 426.
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    Anyone in Canada know this 66 Hemi Satellite?

    Been to Canada once. Canadian Customs was a breeze with one question: "Do you have any cigarettes?" Coming back to the US through the Port of Beaver, the US Customs guys were harsh. Maybe they thought we were trying to smuggle maple syrup or Canadian quarters and it pissed them off.
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    2 1967 Mexican Spec Coronets - Very Special Cars

    I meant, do Mexican hot dodders put Charger dashes in them.
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    2 1967 Mexican Spec Coronets - Very Special Cars

    How many did they make? Do people do Charger Dash and taillight conversions? The 500 is a nice rear panel, so maybe not lights.
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    2 1967 Mexican Spec Coronets - Very Special Cars

    I wonder why the Charger Grille. It has to cost 3 times as much as the Coronet Grille. I like it, but wonder why. Did they over estimate Charger sales and need to use up the extra Grilles?
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    Another green 66 Hemi Charger on BaT

    Right side, front end accident. Lower bar is wavy
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    Correct engine paint?

    Hirsch claims it's impervious to fuel, but will stain with long term exposure. I use it as the old timers who were doing concourse restorations when I started messing with cars used it. It's thick and brushes on nicely with no waste floating away.
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    Gassed Up

    After a similar experience, a station owner I know bought a paste that reacts with water. He puts it on his measuring stick and checks every time he gets a delivery.
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    Gassed Up

    Got a call from a friend who's car acted up. Long story short, horrible crap in the gas he had just bought. They denied it, but he lives in a small town and wasn't the only one. They had to have a bunch of cars repaired. Though almost never, it can happen.
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    Did a 67 Coronet 500 come factory with a Hemi??

    salesmen would, and still do, tell people whatever it will take to get us in that car. That, or whatever will make them the most money. My Dad wanted an overdrive transmission in the new pickup he was buying for traveling. The Salesman said: "Farmers won't buy that pickup" and my Dad replied...
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    Did a 67 Coronet 500 come factory with a Hemi??

    My folks were looking for a new car in 1968 and a New Yorker was on the short list. Dad was working in Michigan at the time and almost bought a Charger. They had them in a lot he could see from the job site, so he went over to look. He found out he could buy a Hemi Charger off that lot for...