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  1. 68 HEMI GTS

    STOCK means STOCK

    you don’t think technology has moved on in the last 50+ years?
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    truth hurts :rofl:
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    STOCK means STOCK

    The thread is pointless. The original thread is about headers vs manifolds and you’re rambling about stock means stock. Guess what, anyone who has spent any time playing with their car, or playing on a dyno has quickly realized that engines respond to air flow. Move more air, make more power...
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    That Boss mustang is a bad car. That traction bar’d 318 B-body wouldn't know what happened if you caught the mustang at a light...
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    Carb tuning

    Warm the motor up, one at a time back out an idle screw a bit. Slowly turn it in, when you hear a noticeable change in the idle back it off 1/2 turn. Work your way around the carb a few times.
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    Sebring vs Roadrunner Huge Value Difference!

    You don't think a 383 roadrunner is the same In the same league as a Duesenberg? And come on, a 318 2bbl satellite is a muscle car just like v code Gtx. There all the same pedegree!! Lmfoa The really rare cars will always retain some value, m codes, v codes, hemi cars. I think the rest are on...
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    Sebring vs Roadrunner Huge Value Difference!

    That's such a true statement that a lot of guys don't see. Can't say I see to many guys in their 20's cruisin around in vintage mopars, I'm one of the younger guys around here and I'm late 30's. not looking good boys...
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    Help value a Roadrunner clone

    No matter how much you pay for it, it's gonna be disappointing when someone walks up looks at the vin and says "oh, just a satellite".
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    1 more time...17 wheel users pic/tire size thread

    coys has some wheels along the lines of the hot wheels also. i was thinking about a set of these for my RR
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    Dist Poll

    doens't really affect the dart much, but it idle's at about 1200rpm and doesn't usually spend much time there. i'd shy away from it on a street only car. i was having alot of trouble with fan belts when the car had a 4 speed. that helped.
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    Dist Poll

    thanks guys :grin:
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    Dist Poll

    stock elect work just as good as any of them if its set up with the proper curve.
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    Engine compartment pics...stock, mild to wild

    its a 69 but i just did it a few days ago so i figured i would show it off. plus im no painter or body guy so im pretty happy with the outcome. now i'm off to the body..
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    No Radio = No Turn Signals!

    you can even make the radio play without the key. think you gotta turn the left turn signal on, step on the brake and maybe have the parking lights on. i can't remember without going out to the garage and trying it. my dad showed me that when i was a kid.
  15. 68 HEMI GTS

    lets see your kill switches!

    in the bumper on the roadrunner under the bumper on the dart