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    69 GTX ... Long Term Project

    I would write off the missing parts, but at the same time send photos of what is missing to the heirs and ask it they see them, I would like to have them and would arrange shipping.
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    Garage gas smell

    If it's boiling, would one be able to take it for a run, shut it off, pull the air cleaner and see or hear something?
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    Garage gas smell

    My last daily driver did that, it was a rust hole on top of the tank. Ask how iI found that one
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    Working on my 66 coronet I had to laugh

    Remodeled a Taco John's when I was in college. The owner was pushing hard for finishing ahead of schedule so he could get back to slinging tacos. We worked 24 hours straight and we got a little loopy. Gluing panels on the walls, there was a Taco John's character holding his hands out. I...
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    Are general mayhem clones cool or stupid?

    Googled Mayhem and still don't have a clue. Pictures?
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    Need help she wont turn over

    You must have a fairly good sized drain. I'm sure there is a thread on chasing one down, I use a 12 test light.
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    Need help she wont turn over

    Unless the motor is seized, the battery is still most likely your problem. Eliminate a link and put the known good battery in the car.
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    Electroluminescent Gauge Cluster

    I'm new too, but I think this is the Forum:
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    Electroluminescent Gauge Cluster

    You could run a Want To Buy ad. Have yours rebuilt when you can and sell the other. Fairly easy R&R, as far as speedos go.
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    1972 Runner X

    You could make a list of jobs to be done. 1 day projects, 2 day, etc. You could do those while you drive it. A long weekend to go through the diff: Brakes, cables, lines, and bearings. While the axles are out, drop the carrier for inspection and whatever it needs. Done and off the list...
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    Wiring Harness

    which company is this? Edit... I figured it out with a google search instead of YO's website. Thanks, I'll look around
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    Day one! 68 Road Runner

    1968 is my preference. They have more going on, front and rear. Nothing like 60's Plymouth trunk and taillight trim. I like Plano compartment boxes with notes for keeping track of bolts and such.
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    My new project

    Love the trunk trim. Plymouth had the best tails before '69. I prefer the 68 grille too.
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    Help Please with this

    My paint supply store has a huge display and selection of trim fasteners. If they don't have it, they may have ideas of where to find it