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    Best flowing heads for a big block

    Agreed - initial thought was the air cleaner will cover it.
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    Best flowing heads for a big block

    My 240s with the logo removed and prior to factory Turquoise paint. Wonder how many eyes will notice at the shows…
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    New member from NY

    Welcome from the state that everyone thinks is Staten Island: Rhode Island!
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    The Best Year for the Charger?

    I’ll take a financial viewpoint and say Gen 1 ( and because I’m a new owner!). I was able to locate an original 67 with 383 4 speed factory air and power windows. Driver quality and then some. 30k. It sits next to a Gen 2 at the local speed shop that was pulled from TX and essentially a shell...
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    Who runs "Hemi" Mufflers? Looking for sound clips

    Setting up something very similar - H or X pipe?
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    Which wheels are you running with Wilwood 12" rotors?

    I ended up after 2 sets of steelies, going to a 17 Magnum. I too wanted the stock look and the 15 was never going to work. So, sent them back and ordered some 17 steel ( OEM style for 67) thinking these would surely fit. And these also had to be returned due to the conical shape of wheel between...
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    Any Jeep folks here?

    Mine is from EBay from a few years ago, located in Modesto, 2nd owner. Pulled the rugs and no rust. New interior, added a sniper and now can cold start w the best of them and run every day. Provided I can keep my foot out of it.
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    Any Jeep folks here?

    My new GC 4xe ( avg 27mpg) next to my restored 75 Wagoneer w 401 ( avg 7 mpg!) Wife has an 18 Wrangler. We should be in a Jeep commercial.
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    SOLD 1967 Dodge Coronet RESTORED Headlight Bezels (Driver/Passenger side included)

    I’m assuming this also fits a Charger, same year?
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    Teens Love Old Rock Band T-Shirts. Just Don’t Ask Them to Name a Song

    I walked into my 14 year old daughters room the other week( I don’t knock, rules of the house) and to my joy, I heard Pink Floyd playing from her speakers. I looked at her in amazement with the biggest grin and asked “ do you know who this is?” She responded with “ duh, Dad- it’s Pink Floyd-...
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    Wheel Wednesday

    17 Magnums
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    Valuation for 66 “g code” 4spd?

    Yup- just a wheezy ol 383 here !
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    Magnum 500 17 x 10

    Serves me right for responding when I’m half asleep! I ended up w the 255/50- as some concern in the first Gen world with the taller tires and the leading edge of the rear qtr. if these are too small, not to worry- I’m sure they will only last a summer!
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    Magnum 500 17 x 10

    There are not many taller tires available in 17( tallest I found was close to 26) that are of the summer sport vs the 15 ( can be located up to 29”) And yes- 17x9 is widest out there. I purchased a set of staggered from Year One along w Nitto G2
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    67 Charger shoulder belt option

    Am looking for a shouder belt solution for my 67. any aftermarket kits out there?
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    Our neighborhood sucks for Trick or Treaters.

    We are lucky- the town shuts down a few blocks where I live and kids come in droves. I put on a show- smoke machines, motion activated stuff, spooky music. They are rewarded with full size candy bars and their eyes light up. 350 pieces this year and I ran out by 7:30!!
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    Hello from Massachusetts going to need help! Lol

    Welcome from RI. I have a 833 available if interested. Shifted fine when pulled; but have a new Hurst shifter to replace the Inland Shifter( these had tendency to get sloppy).
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    Holy price increase Batman - McLeod style

    Compared to the Centerforce twin disc, that’s still a bargain( 1600$!!)
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    Timing Chain Opinions

    So a call to 440Source confirms that the chain used on my part (114-1001) is SA Gear, and made in US. Rollers are fully machined, not split seamed. Even found a video on Youtube comparing the SA to Iwis chain.