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    Best HP oil pan for lowered 66

    Got welding skills? Use a Hemi pan & add something like this...
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    LQQKING for a 1962 Transmisson mount that fits to a modern 1971 727 ?

    Well that other members contact info would sure be useful...... :poke: :poke: :poke:
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    Caliper bracket issue/help

    Yeah, the four piston stuff is intermittently available and when it is it's $$$$.... If I were you I'd consider tracking down 73-76 A body spindles, rotors & brackets... Mismatched parts might be fine but if there's a weird problem hiding in there when it pops up it could be to late.....
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    Swapping a Borgeson steering box in a 1970 Charger

    That's where a roll pin was originally used... Not used anymore.... Your good..
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    Caliper bracket issue/help

    These are the 70 shields... And the 73 & up....
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    Caliper bracket issue/help

    Being a 69 it should have four piston Bendix brakes so anything about "original" is suspect.... Quoted from the O/P "The rotor is roughly 11.5” OD and is 0.75” width" I'm wondering if it's the 66-69 spindle & rotor with the 70 caliper & bracket rigged to work... Fact is I think that exactly...
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    906 valve size and cc

    If you were so inclined there are a few cc's hiding behind un-needed cast iron... Yup 836...
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    LQQKING for a 1962 Transmisson mount that fits to a modern 1971 727 ?
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    Fuel funnel for rear (under license plate) gas tank location

    I like both of your tricks...
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    906 valve size and cc

    Yes... I'm building a visually stock engine.. I want iron heads & exhaust manifolds... But it's gotta run..
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    906 valve size and cc

    What do your chambers cc at? I've opened my chambers out to the cylinder bore, bolted the heads to the bare machined block & scribed the bore on the head, then opened the chambers to the line & blended it out... Polished the chambers, 2.14 & 1.88 valves... They cc at 82-83 cc's... pistons are...
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    906 valve size and cc

    The 836 is a reverse D type piston, intended to allow quench and a 9.2-9.5 C/R with a 915 style (closed chamber) head.... Using them with 906's is a mistake IMO...
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    Trying to Identify Trunk Light

    70-71 E body....
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    70 Coronet Brake Distribution block Question

    And yet the O/P's car never had one....
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    70 Coronet Brake Distribution block Question

    Think what you want, I've seen examples of both, especially on E bodies & Fine Lines sells replacement brake line sets for both....
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    Any Ideas on how to stop a 727 Transmission from leaking fluid around the fill tube? An improved design dipstick & seal...
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    Poisonous Spiders in the US that’ll mess you up!

    Got bitten by a brown recluse back in 1990, It was under the hood of a car that got towed in.... First Dr I saw said it was a black widow and if I wasn't any sicker than I was I'd be fine.... I knew it wasn't a widow, we get them around here all the time, widow web is very sticky... The web on...
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    question for electricians on home project

    Seen that, most tile guys aren't electricians...But they can be artists...
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    Suppler for 'vert rear window...

    There's Robbin's but they are considerably more $$$ & won't sell to non-professionals... There's Electron which is probably what you currently have... And Kee are the three big names.. There are others but the glass window is Kee or Robbins...
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    Blown tranny now. Honestly, what next?

    The common cause of that failure is not getting the convertor fully seated or having it slide out partially while installing the trans... Sometimes it'll drive the front pump just based on contact/pressure from the end of the convertor hub... And sometimes the tangs break right away....