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  1. RJS

    Door weather strips???

    What is the go to brand for door weather strips now a days??? Metro? Soft Seal?? ETC? Who is the go to vendor now a days also??? I haven't had to buy any in a bunch of years. Application is 1972 B-Body Thanks Ron
  2. RJS

    Leaf spring paint dab information?

    Does anyone have the information or can direct me to where I can find this? 1972 B-Body 400 4bbl. automatic 8 3/4 rear. Both are 5 leaf P/N 2835155 dated the 300th day of 1971. Rear springs are original to my car but when I restored it back in 2015 I never took the time to look. I found and...
  3. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    Anyone with a 1971-2 B-Body that has an AirGrabber/RamCharger and added A/C??? Or for that matter an A/C car that added AirGrabber/RamCharger?? Love to see pictures and hear the details before I start this adventure. I posted a picture of my old car but the one I'm doing has a 26" radiator...
  4. RJS

    Headlight door harness clips??? 71 Charger

    Any Idea where these two clips can be found?? I put an ad in the WTB section but figured I should ask here also. Thanks Ron
  5. RJS

    1971 b-body booster backing plate?

    Do I have the correct backing plate for a 71 Super Bee with power disc brakes?? I find it odd that the two lowest holes are open plus even the very bottom of the opening. Is there a backing plate with possibly two lower studs for those holes and then when booster gets mounted it goes through...
  6. RJS

    1971 B-Body Firewall help needed

    71 Super Bee that I took apart in March and finally got back to. I painted engine compartment and the engine. I have one more hole next to booster opening that I can't remember what to put in it??? Do I have all the other's in the right places also? Getting old is harder than I thought!! Car is...
  7. RJS

    Canopy Vinyl Top Trim Attachment??

    Does anyone have a 72 Satellite or Road Runner with a Canopy Top Vinyl Roof that could post up pictures of the attachment points on the roof under the rear stainless molding. I know what the clips look like and I remember they had those rivet heads to hold the clips but can't remember the amount...