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    Torq Thrust D rims and backspace? (sorry, I had to)

    Cool car. Love the '66 HEMI and '65 Plymouth as well. First let me say that I have zero experience with your body style. I think your best bet is to try to find a friend that has a pair of wheels and tires that you can try. If that is not possible, measure what you have on the car now. See...
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    That's really cool. Would love to know how much difference the mods to the intake made. I'm sticking with the Weiand for a while anyway. I may do the stocker mods though, while it's off the car. Thank you for posting.
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    Here's a little update on a change I made yesterday. I was able to borrow back my old Weiand six pack, tunnel ram from a close friend. This intake has all the Mopar Engine Book modifications to the inside, including dams and grinding, as well as a jet change to my stock carbs per the book...
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    Stalling on Hard Stops

    I had this same issue with my '69 6bbl road runner. It was absolutely float related. I found that my floats on the outboard carbs were coming into contact with the jets. I run a Pro Maxx metering block in order to use jets on the outboard carbs instead of plates. You can purchase floats like...
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    Sorry for the delay getting back to this bogging off the line, and lean condition in the 4000 RPM range. I noticed a fuel leak on my intake manifold. Not a ton, but enough to smell and a small puddle would form on the driver's side. I found out that the accelerator pump had warped due to...
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    Spark Plug Recomendation

    I am helping a friend get his '66 Belvidere tuned up. I am trying to find Autolite 84 spark plugs, and no one seems to have them anymore. The engine is a steel-headed 440. Any suggestions on a good replacement? Thanks in advance.
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    6 pack high rise

    I drove this intake on the street in my road runner for a while. I had issues with my fuel system that I was unaware of at the time, so my tuning info is somewhat bogus. Would have loved to run it after fixing the other issues, but I traded it off before having the chance. I can tell you that...
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    1972 Electronic Ignition Upgrade

    I second the vote for the factory-style system, especially in a street car with limited drive time. We run a factory distributor with a chrome box in our '69 road runner. Drives, starts, and races great up to 6500 RPM. I also agree that the MSD 6AL is a good alternative. Having a rev-limiter...
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    Well, our track rental got rained out Memorial Day Weekend. It was rescheduled for yesterday in the 95 degree heat. We had 46 cars show up at Cecil County...mostly mopar, but other brands as well. Everyone was off at least three tenths due to the heat and track condition. My son was driving...
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    Bob, I was talking with one of my good friends about this yesterday. He said the same thing, and does not think the issue is coming from the power valve at all. He thinks it's coming from the delay in my secondaries. I run a purple and brown spring to slow down the hit. It's mostly a street...
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    OK, here's a little update. Last night I bucked up and took my road runner to the local chassis dyno. I'm trying to get the car ready for a track rental Memorial Day Weekend where lots of my buddies will be fighting for the top of the hill honors. My main goal for this session wasn't...
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    Health scare! Surreal Monday.

    Wow! Glad you're ok. Definately take care of your health. The car will be there when you are ready. At 55, you have lots of time left with the Wedge and the wife! Get well soon.
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    In 1963 which car manufacture dominated the NHRA?

    I was born in '68, so I wasn't there. I'm a drag racing historian though. Been reading articles since i could read...not just Hot Rod and Car Craft, but the good ones like BRUSA. I've been going to E-town, Maple Grove, Island, Cecil, etc... for all of my 52 years Since '84 I have raced every...
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    1966-1967 pixs

    Interested in hearing Mike's response. Also, what was the weight reduction?
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    Thank you for posting the link. I've been following along. Good stuff! Much like you, I had planned all along to run the 6bbl intake, so I haven't messed with others. Never had mine on the dyno, but I would guess it has similar numbers to your's. Good luck with the rest of the build...and...
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    Got some slicks..... axles ?

    30 Spline, factory replacements. Clutch type posi with 4.30 gears and a 9 1/2" converter. No wheel hop ever! Hooks and goes. Running M & H Bias Ply, sticky street tires. Also ran 29.5 x 9 x 15 MT slicks at times. Car 60 foots in the mid 1.50's.
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    Got some slicks..... axles ?

    The passenger side axle broke in half, just after the splines. For some reason, I'm no longer able to post pictures. They were Yukon Axles. The one that did not break was twisted severely.
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    Got some slicks..... axles ? Not sure if this link will work. You may want to fast forward to the end. This was our '69 road runner, running an 8 3/4 rear with 4.30 gears. It had aftermarket Yukon Axles up to this point. Dana with 4.10's now. Car was running...
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    Thank you for the response. I figured this was the case, but you confirmed it. I've been driving it like this for a long time, and just deal with it.