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  1. J

    68 coronet e brake cable routing

    If it doesn't have to be original, you could try something here...
  2. J

    $500- 68 charger

    Have you figured out the ebrake cable setup changes under the car? Really interested in this mod. Surprised it's not more common.
  3. J

    1968 Coronet 500 Project

    Hey, Jim, How's the sealing on your gas tank around the sender and pickup area doing? I like the idea of an EFI tank for future upgrade, but would value your opinion on whether its more trouble than its worth.
  4. J

    Switching to an aluminum WP housing...440 with A/C

    If you look in the clearance section on 440source, you will see mention of the old housing design. Is it going on ten years now(?) that they have been shipping the new design. Just an FYI so that people can move on from dredging up stuff that's no longer accurate. Beware, though, about...
  5. J

    '68 Satellite 4-door light refurb...and big fat engine swap.

    You probably already thought of this, but would an adjustable brake pedal rod allow you to move the pedal back up to normal height?
  6. J

    1969 GTX....The T stands for tetanus

    Is the air cleaner a drop base also?
  7. J

    SOLD Big Block AC Crank Pulley and Water Pump Pulley.

    Big Block pulleys. Looking for these two specific pulleys. The AC crank pulley is the 4 groove pulley, and the associated water pump pulley has a smaller diameter than non-a/c cars. Don't need rusty pieces. Appreciate it!
  8. J

    SOLD 440 engine/block Houston, TX area.

    I found what I needed locally. Thanks, everyone!
  9. J

    SOLD 440 engine/block Houston, TX area.

    Sorry, looking for something local. - J
  10. J

    SOLD 440 engine/block Houston, TX area.

    Looking for a good, rebuildable block locally. Even better if on the NW side of town. Pm me if you have one at a good price. -J
  11. J

    Immense grinding/scraping/vibration after swap to new disc parts

    I've been working on an upgrade of brakes myself and getting the bits myself. Like a lot of others - using the old Mopar action article and looking at the Mopar boards for updated information. Luckily I haven't been in a hurry as I run across things. I will jump in and agree to buying a...
  12. J

    Immense grinding/scraping/vibration after swap to new disc parts

    Hub bearings loose? Caliper misaligned? Brake dust shield need some clearancing?
  13. J


    Steering wheels without a bunch of buttons. Almost every car now has a center console. How about a manual sunroof? T-tops?
  14. J

    Fender t\s indicators Includes bulbs etc .
  15. J

    Intake hood clearance problem

    Mine is a low deck and I have the m1 single plane. You will need a drop base air cleaner with a flat hood. Modelling clay is a good tip for estimating how much room you have.
  16. J

    '68 Satellite 4-door light refurb...and big fat engine swap.

    Kurt, have you had a chance to weather test your rear window reseal? Like the bike cable idea. Where did you get the window suction cups, btw?
  17. J

    Time to Ditch The Edelbrock!

    Eddy's don't like fuel pressure much over 5-6. It's cheap to buy a regulator and gauge. I have stock fuel pumps that are putting out 7 and it causes all sorts of issues if not regulated...
  18. J

    door panel repair

    I'm no expert. But it looks like you need new vinyl. Any spot repair wouldn't look right. Also, all the vinyl as a whole is probably on the verge of falling apart. Fix one spot, another spot falls/pulls apart.