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    Correct power steering pump for 68 383 with A/C

    From what I know myself.... in 68 the p/s pump would have been either the Federal or possible TRW pump, cause the Saginaw pump was introduced in 69, for BB Chryslers. I have a non A/C 68 Satellite with a 383/727 car w/p/steering, and it has a federal pump on it with a single groove pulley. I am...
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    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    hello lefty71, we are not sure if we can get to pulling the rear end out. I got some sheet metal sold and behide on drilling it out. 375.00 would buy whole rear end, we will drop it off to you. let us know.
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    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    TTT....... there are still more parts available on this 63, and I can bring just about anything to the Chryslers at Carlisle show for free delivery. Just post here on the thread, as I will be checking it daily. Thank you for any interest.
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    Proud of my brother-in-law

    Anyone like motorcycle drag racing? Well... as in the header, my broth-in-law has been racing his Harley in the super stock class, and his drag bike has the fastest mph in the country at 129.70 in the 1/4 mile. His bike has had many mods, including an S & S crank, and pretty much else the best...
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    Stripped Bolt Holes in Dust Cover

    You should be able to access that area with a small 90 degree angle drill, with a short drill bit. And like the others have mentioned... use the shortest heli-coil you can buy. If you can only find the longer heil coils, install them and let them dry overnight, then use a hand held cutoff disc...
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    71 318

    I believe it was my grandfather, that said in the olden days they would replace a quart of oil with the use of a quart of diesel fuel. With the engines of the 60s-70s I don't know if this would be acceptable. I am sure there our other members that will chime in also.
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    62 to 65 B-Body Bumper Bolt Dimensions

    Ok Richard..will do!
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    62 to 65 B-Body Bumper Bolt Dimensions

    Richard, I can take a clean bumper bolt out of a 63 Polara or a 65 Coronet bumper if you like, and send it to you with an address.
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    62 to 65 B-Body Bumper Bolt Dimensions

    Richard.. I have a western 63 Polara car here at the shop, and I am getting ready to pull the rear bumper off this car. You talking about the ons's going from brackets into the frame?
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    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    Sorry about that.... just had some busy days lately! Some room in the inbox now, so go ahead and write away! Thanks for any interest. @Dodge33
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    Need an ID on this wheel

    True... but I have 38 Plymouth 5 window and on the original front and rear axles their were locating dowels then, and also on a 54 Ply too. I can't remember anything with dowel locating pin(s) in the 60s... but never say never.
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    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    Update: the 63 Dodge parts sold are: Rear dutchmans panel Complete trunk floor Rear wheelhouses so far. Thanks for the interest everyone.
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    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    Zigs, I apologize for the inbox being full, but I will empty it some. As far as the floorpans go.... I have not yet pulled the seats, or carpet out, but I will get that done asap. I will say, the rear underseat pan is available and looks very good, but will know more as soon as I get the...
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    WTB 1941 Dodge/Plymouth Truck Window Regulators

    You can try Vintage power wagons in Iowa, and also try Regulator Roy in Hemmings Motor News, he should have them in either NOS or possibly used. Also this guy has all Chrysler NOS and used, and he is Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts near the East Coast, USA. I maybe able to think of a...
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    WTB 71-74. B body rocker panel

    Try to contact @moparmarks he should have a nice used one, or a pair. I have had a few pairs of very nice ones... but they don't stick around to long.
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    Happy Birthday QuickBpBp

    Happy Birthday QuickBpBp... we hope you have a great day, and many more!:bday::bday::bday::bday::thumbsup:
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    SOLD NOS Dodge-Plymouth horn ring

    It appears to me it is a Satin finish, just as R Cranium said. It looks exactly like the same NOS one I sold at Carlisle about 10 years ago.
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    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    Jimka, Appreciate your interest in these parts... and I am sorry for my inbox not being cleaned out too. As far as the trunk floor, very nice used condition. We do already have a very clean used trunk floor already drilled out that is out of a 65 Coronet and does include the side drops also...
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    I bought these radios yesterday. Anyone know what they belong to?

    The top radio should be for a 68-69 C-body car... but I'm not totally sure. The second one I do not know, but it is a very cool looking radio!
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    FOR SALE Parting 63 Dodge Polara 4dr

    First off... this car is missing the hood, headlight bezels, grille, left fender, trunklid, tail lights, and a few minor things. This car was purchased way out in the western usa, so it has nice used metal on it. It is a poly 318/727 pushbutton trans. It s got a 8.75 rear. We will be working on...