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  1. J

    Road idiots!

    Great post...... TOO MANY people...
  2. J

    11x3" front drums

    I spent alot of money redoing the front 11" brakes on my RT...... If I was to do it again, it would definetely be discs......
  3. J

    Arsenal of Democracy Flyover Friday, Sept. 25

    Yeah, its a bunch of COWARDS who wont stand up to the woke crowd... On another note, hows your boyfriend?
  4. J

    hey is is just me ?

    Its always been that way on these type of websites.... You get maybe 3 or 4 people who know there stuff, the rest are usually Dumb fks
  5. J

    Can someone guide me for a proper cam?

    Your carburetor is too big for a mild street car....
  6. J

    Occasional clunking in the back end

    After the resto, my 8 3/4 started to clunk too..... I finally crawled under it and the u bolts were all loose.... OOPS.....
  7. J

    Ever Hear of "Home Title Lock"?

    I knew some people years ago that " carried" the note on selling their home who were getting the payments and the interest.. Up until the " new " owner loaded up cash loans against it and skipped town......
  8. J

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    You mean the hard workers? LOL
  9. J

    Recommend a shop please (Florida)

    We on the west side of Orlando will NOT drive your way on I-4 unless its a world crisis... HORRIBLE traffic....
  10. J

    Cena with Cuda ad

    I remember he got into a stink with ford when he was "allowed" to buy one of the GT40's a while back.... He tried to flip it for a profit and there was some contract that he had to hold on to it for X amount of time.... Can't remember what the outcome was.....
  11. J

    Down at the boat launch

    Is the capsule supposed to be safe for land landings? I bet that hurt...
  12. J

    Arsenal of Democracy Flyover Friday, Sept. 25

    Some panty waist CS changed the name to " Commemorative " Air force......
  13. J

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    I have always wondered why people in Central California call it Northern California?? Wouldn't Northern California be Redding, Weed, Mt Shast area??
  14. J

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    Lets not forget this place.....
  15. J

    Recommend a shop please (Florida)

    Hows that traffic?
  16. J

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    Tiger butter......
  17. J

    OMG the Pikes Peak Intl. Hillclimb was miserable.

    At least it wasn't dusty....
  18. J

    Women that you dated and the RED flags you spotted....

    No way, my hands have feelers in them too.........
  19. J

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    As I read this I had confused it with the SAC museum in Nebraska... Is this a decent museum? Like always, I was in too big of a hurry to stop there.....