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  1. 69a100

    Why can't they get it right? Rant

    As the old saying goes. If you want something done right, do it yourself!
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    Passwords WTF

  3. 69a100

    You local fellas come on down to the Cruise-In!

    Due to "political & grammar correctness", Fred is now spelled, Phread!
  4. 69a100

    It was 97 about this time yesterday......79 now and

    Watchin my local WX the other night, I've had 24 days of over 90* this month, we're also short over 2.5" of rain for the month too!
  5. 69a100

    Woody Williams the last WWII MoH won't be down!

    The last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from World War II has passed on from this life at 98 years old. RIP Woody!
  6. 69a100

    Cop stopped me yesterday

  7. 69a100

    FOR SALE 1966 Pontiac Tempest Restomod

    If only FBBO member put that much pride and effort into writing their own adds, that'd be great! So would seeing the video!
  8. 69a100

    hey is is just me ?

    If a person doesn't use proper punctuation & grammar, it shows to me that they're uneducated and lack basic intellect. If they can't take the time to proofread and edit their content, why should I supply a answer that they probably can't and wouldn't understand if they can't communicate correctly?
  9. 69a100

    Where do the threads go?

    Then you get some people that start a topic about something, never to be seen or heard from again on that topic. If you start a topic asking for help, follow the topic and answer questions when asked! How many times have we all seen this on forum boards?
  10. 69a100

    hey is is just me ?

    I came from that time frame too, and even then, I looked things the library!!!!!! Now days idiots are to fuckin lazy to look things up because, 1. They're to dam lazy and stupid to look it up themselves! 2. They want instant...
  11. 69a100

    hey is is just me ?

    Only if you live south of the equator!
  12. 69a100

    hey is is just me ?

    If you don't know how to use a jack and/or change a flat tire, you have NO business whatsoever having either a Drivers Licenses or a collector car!
  13. 69a100

    hey is is just me ?

    Some people are so ignant, they can't figure out how to operate an air cleaner wing nut! Ignorant is misspelled on purpose!
  14. 69a100

    Why Do Factory Installed Cam Bearings Look Bad

    Can you say Fram? Why you changing oil every 1000 miles? There no need to do it that often! Why do you use such shitty components, i.e. oil filters? I have to wonder what the other bearings look like?
  15. 69a100

    replacing broken Craftsman

    Rummage through the pawn shops box of tools for a nice old one. Chances are that you'll find a older model that WAS MiA!
  16. 69a100

    Jim Schwall won't be down!

    Corky Siegel remembers Jim Schwall, a master of the blues guitar with the Siegel-Schwall Band Mr. Schwall, 79, died June 19 at his home in Tucson, Arizona. “He just kind of went downhill,” according to his brother William “Chico” Schwall. RIP Jim...
  17. 69a100

    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    Norm Abrahms said it best when he says. "Any jobs easy when you have the right tools" applies to everything!
  18. 69a100

    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    Seriously? It helps takes a load off and helps save your back, maybe a fender too! If you don't drop it! You do have a shop manual don't you? I sure hope you know how to remove the air cleaner wing nut!
  19. 69a100

    Rant: I hate chrysler

    And how many startups in that 400000KM has this vehicle had? That would explain the condition of the starter and why it hasn't needed to be changed. Some people can't comprehend the concept of that!