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    Drip Rail Sealing 74 Charger

    I need to decide what to do in the drip rail area where the roof skin meets the drip rail. I just can't bring myself to reinstall a vinyl top. I know others have left off vinyl tops. What did you use to seal this area. I'm thinking seam sealer but brush on can be messy. Any suggestions on what...
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    74 Charger Rear Window Trim Install

    It's been years since I removed the outside rear window trim from my Charger. I'm ready to reinstall the aluminum trim pieces. What is the best way to install it, all put together as one molding or as individual pieces? I have to be careful as th is rear window has the electrical heating grid on...
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    1974 Charger Horn

    Is there one or two horns on the 74 models? There's a low tone horn behind the driver's side headlight bucket with a wire plugged into it. There's a horn on the passenger's side behind the headlight bucket but no wire anywhere to hook up to it. Testing it shows it's a high note horn. The FSM...
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    74 Charger Front Bench Seat Back Pivot Shaft

    for those of you with a 74 B-body with bench seat, what keeps the front bench seat pack from coming off the shaft it pivots on when moved forward to get access to rear seat. My other 74 Charger has a 73 bench seat in it and the shaft is drilled for a cotter pin with a washer as seen in the photo...
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    74 Charger Front Bench Seat Cover

    I wasn't sure whether to post this here on in the Interior section. I just replaced my bench seat covers with new Legendary cover (6 months to get). The bottom of the seat Front cover did not come with the slits cut for the seat belts to go through. I have my old ones and they have the material...
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    74 Charger Glove Box Light

    I noticed my 74 Rallye does not have a glove box light/switch but my Plain Jane 74 Charger does have it. I always thought the glove box light/switch was standard. My Rallye under dash harness has been altered and the glove box was not the original one. It looks like the light/switch part was...
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    WIW 1967 Alternator

    I came across this alternator while going through parts. It has a date of 67 on front of case and 66 on rear case. Case front number is 2095191. Case Rear number 2642537. Front case was sandblasted it some point but all numbers legible. Rear case does not appear blasted. Any idea of worth? It...
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    WTB 73-74 Charger Bench Seat Back Release Button, Bezel

    Looking for a source for the 73-74 Charger front bench seat back release button and bezel as shown in photo. Are they available? Thanks. Terry W.
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    74 Charger Rallye Trunk Lid and Other Emblem Locations

    I neglected to get a photo of the trunk lid on my Charger. I found this photo on the internet and I'm asking if this if the correct location for the emblems on the trunk lid? Also, what emblem would be on the wood grain dash insert - Charger? Mine had Coronet Custom but it had been changed out...
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    FOR SALE 73-74 Roadrunner Satellite Sail Panels

    I have a pair of 73-74 interior sail panels for sale that have been dyed green. One was white and one was blue originally. Part numbers 3551002 on the white one and 3551003 on the other. No missing pieces or cracks that I can see. Asking $100 obo for the pair and you pay shipping from Washington...
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    Vinyl Top Color. Opinions Please

    My 74 Rallye Charger. B5 blue body, blue interior, black side stripe (not installed yet) and a canopy vinyl top. When I bought the car in 1987, it had a black vinyl top. The fender tag calls for a white top. I'm to the point where I need to make a decision. I painted the car this past summer. I...
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    74 Charger Package Tray And Pillar Panel Fitment

    I'm installing my rear window package tray, inside window trim and the pillar plastic panel covers. I cannot find a photo to show if the package tray fits on top of the pillar panel cover flange or under it. The package tray has vinyl covering the end. See the photos I took showing the two ways...
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    Wheel Opening Trim

    I'm in the process of installing the reproduction OER wheel opening trim on the 74 Rallye. I've never had the wheel opening moldings installed as long as I've owned the car ( since 1987). It looks strange to me. The OER trim is about 1/16" wider on the edge the you see. I've attached some photos...
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    73-74 Charger Passenger Door Mirror

    I am installing the passenger door mirror on both of my 74 Chargers as neither car had them. I need two things.1) what is the measurement from the front door edge to the front screw in the mirror base. A picture of this would be great. 2) was the passenger side mirror installed with just two...
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    Interior Rear Pillar Panel ID Help

    Can anyone tell me what the panels in the photo go to? I'm cleaning out my shop and I think these are Plymouth pillar panels. I'm getting rid of parts that don't work on my 71 Challengers or my 74 Chargers. Thanks. Terry W.
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    Package Tray Insulation

    I removed the package tray in my Charger. It has the jute backing. I noticed the jute is actually glued to it own board which is then glued to the package tray. I'm going to purchase and install a new package tray with the insulation pad. It looks like the new insulation pad are just a jute pad...
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    Rear Qtr Window Outer Sweeps

    I'm having a problem with installing the outer rear quarter window sweeps on my 74 Charger. I have the original I pulled out, a new Top Cat Brand sweep and a PUI replacement sweep. Original is the top bottom one in my photo, the PUI is the middle one and the Top Cat is the top one. I'm having a...
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    Qtr Window Inside Sweeps Replacement

    I removed the old inside window sweeps from the rear plastic pillar panels by carefully removing the steel staples. How are you 73 - 74 Charger owners reattaching the new quarter window sweeps to the pillar panel? The old staples were a heavy duty steel staple. See photo. Thanks for any help. Terry
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    1973-74 Charger Side Stripes

    I'm getting ready to order the matte black side stripes for my 74 Rallye Charger. Who has the best stripe kit based upon the following in this order: accurate installation instructions, ease of installation, most like the original stripes and least important, the price. I was interested in...
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    74 Charger Is Painted

    My 14 year old grandson and I have been working on the 74 Rallye for awhile now. I'm teaching him to paint base/clear. He has to finish the rear quarter end caps seen in front of tire and both front and rear valances. There's some minor paint mistakes but he plans on driving it. He prefers to do...