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    Community thoughts on fluid damper

    Wondering what the general consensus is on a fluid damper. Yes, they are expensive. The claim is they should be used on a modified engine but the 440 is internally balanced. Waste of $? Just want to hear the community’s opinions. Thanx
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    That “tinny” exhaust sound

    Can you guys post up some sounds of your exhaust? I am thinking of a flow master for my ride but of course can’t keep replacing mufflers to find out which one I like. Thanks.
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    How do you do burnouts?

    Wondering how to keep my car going straight on burnouts. Rev higher and just commit?
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    I’m frustrated so I’m cutting this wire!

    I have a 69 RR 440 electronic ignition I have added an electric fan It has a single field alt The battery is good The alt charges ( but on the ign side of voltage reg) nothing at the battery The wiring diagram shows only 1 wire on the alt Has anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance
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    voltage questions for regulator and ballast

    Hi everybody. I've got some questions about my 69 road runner. After installing an electric fan (yes it was running hot) i noticed the fan was sometimes working and sometime not. So I thought about doing some checking before condeming the fan. Turns out I have no alternator voltage (never had...
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    Freaking SAE

    Every time I go to work on the car I never have the bolt or nut I need. Everything around here is metric. Can anyone recommend a nut and bolt assortment that will cover most sizes on a 69 B body?
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    Let's talk about kick down adjustment one more time

    Hey guys. I put a carb spacer on last week and fumbled up my cable adjustments. I've got the throttle cable perfect. But now my car shifts thru 2nd really fast. I read an article that said the kickdown arm on the transmission should be in the (about) 1/2 way position at idle. Like where you can...
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    Can't find Valve Cover

    Hi guys! I have a 440 that's popping the dipstick at high rpm. I currently have a pcv on one side and a breather on the other. I would like to keep the pcv and have a raised (not push in) breather on both sides. The valve covers need to be tall also because of roller rockers. Can't seem to find...