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    What do the numbers people think about this?

    Hi all. Got this back from the machine shop couple weeks ago and just want to see what everyone thinks about these numbers. This is a 1971 440 six barrel engine that was in a 69 Roadrunner that a guy asked me to get running. Supposedly rebuilt by who knows. Got it running and no oil pressure...
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    Anyone seen this before???

    Anyone seen or notice this before??? Part of caliper piston not touching anything? Have a 69 Bee that was swapped to small front discs with K/H pin style calipers with the large 2.75 piston. Part of the caliper piston doesn’t have any brake pad to touch. Maybe 1/5 of the piston is exposed. It...
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    Anyone know which brake pad to use?

    Does anyone know of a wider brake pad that fits the pin type calipers with the 2.75 single piston and 11.75 rotor? As in wider i am talking about a wider pad that contacts the entire surface of the 11.75 rotor and doesn’t have a big lip on the end of the rotor. I thought back in the day that...
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    69 vs 70 b body sway bar length

    Hi. Does anyone know the lengths of the longer 69 sway bar vs the shorter 70 version? I am talking about the distance from the center to center of link holes. Thanks
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    Need help with sway bar!!!! 69 k frame with QA1 lca

    Hi everyone. Looking for some help or ideas on what seems to be a quagmire with QA1 lca’s on 66-69 k frames and sway bars. I am working on a 69 Bee that has original K frame but has QA1 upper and lower arms and the lca’s have sway bar mounts in the newer 70-72 position. The original 69 sway bar...
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    69 super bee grille resto

    Hi I want to thank dadsbee for all of your steps in restoring a 69 super bee grille!!!! Definitely works and makes for amazing results!! Just have to be positive,patient and persistent Thanks for your teachings!!!!
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    69 super bee rear finish panel questions

    Hi all. I am working on my first 69 Super Bee and I have some questions about the rear finish panel that google can’t help me with lol. Is the outside border, the 2 center lines and the raised letters bright polished? Or are they all argent silver like the grille and head light trim? Or are...
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    What are the correct wiper arms for 67 plymouth GTX

    Hi. Haven’t been here in a while but I know this is the place to ask. I am trying to find out what are the correct wiper arms for my 67 GTX. I have researched a lot and can’t get a straight answer. My 67 is an ex part time drag car that was stripped in 68 to lose weight and since the late 90s...