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  1. dantrap

    Synthetic brake fluid, OK?

    i have been using dot 5 for a long time no issues at all. The complete brake system was fresh, lines, hosed calipers etc. No issues.
  2. dantrap

    Aftermarket tilt wheel and rack & pinon conversion for 69 B

    Ya my car has fresh everything in the front end,tubilar arms, fresh box etc. I drove my friends 70 challenger with a power rack and liked the way it drove thats all. I have been doing this for a long time and want to try something different. Its like why do i need a new 512cid for a street car...
  3. dantrap

    Aftermarket tilt wheel and rack & pinon conversion for 69 B

    Has any one done a conversion to a power rack & pinon setup ? Also how about a tilt wheel aftermarket conversion for a 69 with the in dash ign. sw.? They used to be available but they now all seem to be obsolete by the manufactures. i been out of the game for a few years but getting back in now...
  4. dantrap

    Cal Trac Traction Bar System

    I use one on my 69 Roadrunner no problems. I also used calverts mono leaf with Comp Eng slide-a- link bars, no problems with either.
  5. dantrap

    Traction bar help

    Loose the slapper bars they are useless and will bind the leafs. If you are having traction problems it may be time to upgrade. Use can use the DC SS-springs with a snubber for the rear but you also need to tweak the front for the car to work correctly. A newer setup is a the mono leaf with a...
  6. dantrap

    Tubular Upper Control Arms

    I have the Magnum Force units and they are great. The added plus is that you get a little extra adjustment if your car is lowered etc. They do clean up the front end and the tolerances got to be a lot better than the old stamped steel units. Good Luck, you have a lot of good choices out there to...
  7. dantrap

    Billet Specialtie wheels

    Should by 5 on a 4 1/2", i think he just used the wheel as an example.
  8. dantrap

    Billet Specialtie wheels

    Hey Mike, 15 x 3 1/2 w 1 3/4 backspace for front with pie cutters and a 15 x 10 with a 4 3/4 or 5" backspace for a 275-60-15 street tire. Take a look on racingjunk, there was a outfit from Illinois selling a 4 wheel deal a lot cheaper than Summit. They are great wheels.
  9. dantrap

    1973 roadrunner wheel and tire combo

    Looken good Rev. Dan
  10. dantrap

    Cap Auto Products K Frame

    A good friend put one into his Ebody without any issues. It bolted up fine, offers great header and oil pan clearance. He also went with a rack setup. good service no problems i have been told.
  11. dantrap

    Imperial rear disc's

    If you have a good disc setup up front I would skip the Imperial setup and run your drums. Or if you get some extra coin buy a late model conversion kit, it will save a lot of headbanging. You can spend your time doing the stuff on your project, rear disc is a afternoon deal you can do at a...
  12. dantrap

    Imperial rear disc's

    A Blast from the past, you may be better off with a set from SSBC or one of the other aftermarket providers. Have you been doing much on your project Lately? Good luck.
  13. dantrap

    brake booster question

    I have manual Disc brakes on my 69 runner. i use a mid to late 1990s dodge truck non-power master cylinder. it has internal proportions of 63/37 front to rear bias and seem to work great. Several aftermarket companys offer power or non-power replacements, do a little checking it should be an...
  14. dantrap

    Mono leafs

    I would expect not good. That not the application they are designed for.
  15. dantrap

    Mono leafs

    Hey Mac, the split mono leaf is designed to be used with a Cal trac or Comp Eng. rear supension setup. With the Cal trac, the instant center of the car is changed. The Cal Trac Bar works like the bottom bar on a 4 link. You can use them on the street with out any ill effects, my experience. If...
  16. dantrap

    Edelbrock Shocks

    Bob, KYB's used to be the standard, used them on a 72 i once had.
  17. dantrap

    Edelbrock Shocks

    Hey 69 R/T, if you go onto the Mopar Style web site i seen a few comments about those shocks. The comments I have read are positive, check for yourself. I currently use HAL shocks they work good.
  18. dantrap

    2in drop spindles?

    Hey Dodgeboy, Pick up the phone and call Magnum force. I used their parts before and everthing fit and worked great. They put a lot of time and research into parts before just putting on the street. After speaking with their tech people you will see they know mopars and correct setups. As for...
  19. dantrap

    Disc Brake conversions?

    i have no experience with the "Primo" kit but it looks like a copy of the old mopar action swap we have been doing for years. it does look to be very complete. let us all know how you make out if you it. Thanks.