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  1. dantrap

    Mini starter will not engage

    Its a billet flywheel, the bendix is not moving. The car uses a Lakewood bellhousing no access covers. Nothing else changed.
  2. dantrap

    Mini starter will not engage

    Ya, I am going to have to pull it again. Its fully seated, i did not know there was a different tooth count on the factory mini starters. I used them for years without any problems. Thanks.
  3. dantrap

    Mini starter will not engage

    I don't have the old starter so I cant check. I would believe they are the same. Starter spins but the bendix does not push out to engage the drive gear. It does on the bench however. Checked all the voltages and they are 12.5v minimum at all points I tested. I do not have any burnt or damaged...
  4. dantrap

    Mini starter will not engage

    Hi, I just replaced a mini starter in my 69with the type same mid 90s mini starter. Replaced the wiring from the relay and the relay to the starter. Cleaned the connections at the firewall pass thru connector, the ignition switch works. Checked all grounds and they are clean and tight. Oh-ya...
  5. dantrap

    traction on hemi project

    Sounds like a you could use a set of Cal-tracs and their split mono springs. Good street ride and great hook when you need it. Look them up, they work. Good adjustable shocks all around ( HALS ect), and some sub frame connectors. I take for granted the front end is all rebuilt. Good luck on your...
  6. dantrap

    Wrecks To Riches Roadrunner

    Looks Good to me. A lot of effort into that car. I bet the buyer will enjoy it.
  7. dantrap

    I got a ping

    That's a lot of comp. for 93 pump gas. And i am shocked the VP did not help. If you have some jets laying around i might try stepping up a 2 sizes to get some additional fuel into the motor. The timing sounds ok for the initial but we have run more for total advance on the dyno. But that will...
  8. dantrap

    93 octane

    Our 93 in NY sucks, it oxygenated and has 10-15% of other additives. Not sure whats in it but it dont even smell like gas. I have had no luck trying that stuff even with a 10-1 alum. head BB and some timing. I was able to mix it 50-50 with VP c-12 but its still a pain. Good luck.
  9. dantrap

    nasty snow storm

    hey 72 Runner, the coldest i have ever been in without wind chill was in Iowa Dec 2007. It was 30 below in Garwin, and you guys had a bunch of Snow too. That's cold even for us Buffalo guys.
  10. dantrap

    nasty snow storm

    Sunny, Dry and Cold around Buffalo NY. The Boys got to drive for a few hours hours to go sledding. All that HP an no snow.
  11. dantrap

    440 Source Rocker Arms

    All I can say if you’re running a roller cam Hyd. or Mec. With heavy spring pressure stick with the Harlyn Sharp. A lot of the roller rockers will work fine under light rpm loads but when you get over 6000 rpm failures happen. However I have used several different roller rockers on different...
  12. dantrap

    Can I sell these or are they scrap?

    can you take a close up side view of the rocker? that will help.
  13. dantrap

    What is your favorite car wax?

    Does anyone have experience using the synthetic ZAINO Products? I heard they are very good but also expensive. Like 100$ for a starter kit.
  14. dantrap

    What is your favorite car wax?

    We like Mothers products, Glaze and Wax. Also the Turtle wax Ice Polish in great stuff.
  15. dantrap

    favorite oil filters?

    I like the Wix Or the NAPA Gold filters. I believe they are the same. We tend to stay away from Fram always. I think the new Royal Purple Filter is going to be a top quality unit, but i have not tried one one yet.
  16. dantrap

    Am I doing this right?

    Looking Good!
  17. dantrap

    Finally put together

    They both look great, Good luck huntin!
  18. dantrap

    MY engine wont run as cool as i like

    Engine cooling 101 Copied this from Mopar Style Web site, a good white paper. Overheating-boring white paper I have been overrun with calls from people about overheating, so I put some thoughts down- maybe it will help somebody- it's on the fugly racing site, but here;s a copy: It's...
  19. dantrap

    Header Problems

    You may be better cutting and replacing a few tubes if the fit is close. The port on the Indy heads sit about 1/2" higher and the Rb block is taller. TTi does make a 2" set that will fit, the Hooker Super comps are close, but you may end up cutting a few tubes to help the fit. Don't hammer the...
  20. dantrap

    builds that piss you off

    All I can say if your not going to be swapping pigs based on trac condiions, put a Dana 60 in your Mopar. Not thats its a ford vs mopar thing, but the Dana uses less HP to turn. You can get any ratio you need. Do the research for your self, dont follow the BS. With Strange producing the Dana 60...