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  1. dantrap

    Starting the resto process 69 GTX

    Just found this resto, total great GTX. A true 1st class job!!
  2. dantrap

    1969 Road Runner facelift

    I helped hang AMD quarters on a 70 bird and it well worth the additional work and cost. They are heavy gauge material and did not need to much extra work to hang them, all marker opening etc lined up. it took us a lot more prep time before we got to glue them on. We hung them with modern 3m...
  3. dantrap

    Rob & Stu's 69 Sport Satellite

    Car looks good, enjoy it as much as you can.
  4. dantrap

    Progress report, Junkyard Dog

    Wow!! you sure got a lot of hours into this one. I give you a lot of credit for this undertaking. i bet it gonna turn out great. Are you part of the Unlawful Racing group? If so what ever happened to that f.a.s.t. 69? Regards, Dan
  5. dantrap

    Family Tradition

    Good Find, best of luck on your resto.
  6. dantrap

    5 days, lots of hours, and voila! a White Roadrunner!

    Man, that's a lot of work in 5 days. Looks GooD.
  7. dantrap

    1970 sport fury s/23

    Great ride
  8. dantrap

    Rear disc brakes??

    I know that Stainless Steel Brakes corp makes a nice set up for thats works on 8 3/4 & Danas. Not sure about the prices but they are very high quality.
  9. dantrap

    My work at my 67 Charger (BLOG)

    Looken good, keep um rolling
  10. dantrap

    70 super bee in paint

    Car and color look great, cant wait to see it together. Nice paint booth.
  11. dantrap

    1969 Coronet R/T Restoration

    Good Looken Ride. Good luck with it.
  12. dantrap

    70 super bee in paint

    Looks Great!!!
  13. dantrap

    KP's 70 GTX

    Looks good to me.
  14. dantrap

    Meep-Meep's 69 meep-meep

    Great Story. I remember in the late 70's early 80's when so many of our type cars were parted or crushed. Good to see ya save another. Good luck finishing it up. Dan
  15. dantrap

    Meep-Meep's 69 meep-meep

    Looking Good, your pictures look like you have done a lot of blocking. I bet about 300+ hours worth, my arms hurt just thinking about it. The Red looks great!!
  16. dantrap

    Bad *** 65 Dodge

    neet car
  17. dantrap

    1969 Satellite Restoration--My Way.

    Looks great Moose. I did not know 64's came with a cage and ladder bars!! Keep up the good work.