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  1. Joe Palmer

    Finally got to drag race!

    Drag racing again after 12 years!! We suck, well maybe its the cars...
  2. Joe Palmer

    HawkRod is doing the 2023 Hot Rod Power Tour!

    Looking forward to seeing you on the tour! It will be our 3rd straight. We took the 65 SS396 Impala conv, then the '70 Super Bee, this year we plan on the Tunnel rammed '74 Z28! (with our '82 K5 Blazer as a back up)
  3. Joe Palmer

    We got to work on the Super Bee again!

    Its been a while since we worked on this car, but with Power Tour looming we are on it again....
  4. Joe Palmer

    Gears & Grub in Rincon, Georgia

    LOL anytime! We would have been there, but with 2 shops open that day it was too difficult to plan. We will be at the Red Door auction car show April 1st in Bloomingdale GA
  5. Joe Palmer

    FOR SALE 1970 Coronet hood

    1970 Dodge Coronet hood that came with my '70 Coronet 500. I cant see removing the Super Bee bulge hood to reinstall this ever. Its just going to sit in the corner for years. Hood is in really good shape in the factory Rallye Red paint, some surface rust on the lower side at the rear, but very...
  6. Joe Palmer

    Road Runner move went bad.....

    Kids in the south refuse to wear shoes...LOL
  7. Joe Palmer

    Road Runner move went bad.....

    The steering box is locked with the wheels turned, it would just go in a circle....:lol:
  8. Joe Palmer

    Road Runner move went bad.....

    Just a reminder to be careful, coulda been way worse....
  9. Joe Palmer

    1970 Super Bee 4 speed rebuild

    No, Thank you! Couldnt have done it without your team!
  10. Joe Palmer

    1970 Super Bee 4 speed rebuild

    We only had a couple weeks to get this thing out, rebuilt, back in, and broken in before hitting the dragstrip in Silkeston MO for the No Name Nationals...There's a few great tech tips along the way!! Enjoy!
  11. Joe Palmer

    1970 Coronet 500 validated?

    We finally found time to validate and wash this car that was hidden away for 27 years! We are still hoping to get the fender tag (the owner has been displaced from his home for a bit) even if we dont...Cool car!
  12. Joe Palmer

    YouTuber drag racing video up (No Name Nationals)

    I finally got Through all our footage. Please enjoy our coverage of the inaugural No Name Nationals in Sikeston MO. We had a blast!
  13. Joe Palmer

    No name nationals

    Yes, the live feeds were terrible.....
  14. Joe Palmer

    No name nationals

    It was a blast!!! 105 cars entered, mostly Mopars! I am currently editing hours (and hours) of footage. I will be sure to share! Here is the parade after the group photo:
  15. Joe Palmer

    Research your tools before buying guys!!!

    Found out the hard way this thing sucks.....
  16. Joe Palmer

    YouTube NoNameNationals

    Congrates Stephen! See you there!
  17. Joe Palmer

    TREMEC TKX fitment verified!

    TREMEC TKX 5 speed in a MOPAR B Body? Do you need to cut the floor?
  18. Joe Palmer

    2023 Dodge Super Bee....Thoughts??

    I will fully respect the guy who buys one and takes it to the drag strip!!
  19. Joe Palmer

    2023 Dodge Super Bee....Thoughts??

    2023 Dodge Super Bee...Let's talk about it...
  20. Joe Palmer

    Tremec TKX 5 speed vs. A-833 4 speed....

    I am editing the video showing the TKX in the Super Bee....