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  1. 70LemonTwst

    Wiper motor Issues

    Hey Texas - I have same issue with 2-speed wipers on my '70 RR. Replaced harness with new OEM harness and now have no high speed wipers and low speed do seem very slow, do not park. I was thinking maybe the wiper motor needed rebuild but haven't gotten that far yet. Let me know if you figure...
  2. 70LemonTwst

    Ammeter pegged but voltage at 14v

    Thanks for the posts guys. Issue was that being more idiot than backyard mechanic I was working on the headlight switch with the battery connected...which caused an arc and as these ammeter gauges are basically just a tiny magnet. That has caused it to become "overcharged" on the needle...
  3. 70LemonTwst

    Comment by '70LemonTwst' in item 'My Polaras'

    Sweet Polaras! Really love the chrome trim on these cars. Good Luck at the show!
  4. Hood mounted blinkers installed

    Hood mounted blinkers installed

  5. 70LemonTwst

    Comment by '70LemonTwst' in item '69 road runner convertible'

    YOWSERS! Very,very cool man. Love those drop tops.
  6. 70LemonTwst

    Comment by '70LemonTwst' in item '1972 Plymouth Roadrunner 440+6 (tribute)'

    Diggin your rig man! Very, very cool. Love that you took the time to add the details on what you've done. Helps guys like me a lot. THANKS
  7. 70LemonTwst

    Comment by '70LemonTwst' in item 'Lal’s 522 roadrunner'

    DANG! L O V E I T ! ! ! ! !
  8. 70LemonTwst

    Comment by '70LemonTwst' in item 'Jim's garage'

    Smokin Hot!!