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  1. iraqivet01


    That b.s.. They know because when you go into Discount tires to get a flat repaired if the tire is pasted 7 years they won't fix it.
  2. iraqivet01

    Can anyone identify this hood scoop?

    Unlimited in California is cheap, but so is their product.
  3. iraqivet01

    my crash ,1974 roadrunner 440 4 speed

    Wow that's horrible. You are one fortunate man for sure!!
  4. iraqivet01

    Light at the end of the Tunnel ?

    The LED a good upgrade. I think it's a good safety factor if anything.
  5. iraqivet01

    A Millenial Reviews a 1972 Road Runner

    I took my 73 rally charger to a car meet. I had two young kids (17 or so) Just nuts over it. They loved the simplicity of the car. Even the manual roll up windows and the uncluttered of the engine compartment just made their day. Not many 3rd generation chargers here so it's one of those...
  6. iraqivet01

    Best theft deterrent?

    All my car and motorcycles are in a garage. I run off people that go cruising down my dead end street. I let then know they don't live here and warn then that the my two neighbors are retired and shot on sight.
  7. iraqivet01

    FOR SALE Unsilenced Air Cleaner

    Looks just like the one they sell at Mancini racing? www.manciniracing.com/maralpraircl.html
  8. iraqivet01

    A-arm replacement

    Put a RMS in my 68 coronet. Easy install if you have a lift.
  9. iraqivet01

    Flag Day June 14

    Army's birthday
  10. iraqivet01

    Pulling trans pan, mess or what?

    if you never done it before, yes you will make a mess. I service transmission all the time and I have a system down. all I can say is take your time, and don't remove all the bolts or it will look like a murder scene from the chainsaw massacre. let it drain into a good size pan, not one of...
  11. iraqivet01

    The Coronet and the damage done.

    Easy fix with some body hammers or some pullers. You don't need a new fender.
  12. iraqivet01

    1969 Super bee am I paying too much?

    Yes it is in my opinion. If you are willing to spend that much, go look it over first before you make an offer. You might find yourself stuck with a money pit that needing a lot of parts, and spending a ton of money and time looking for them.
  13. iraqivet01

    New hurst shifter problem

    Looks like you put it on backwards.
  14. iraqivet01

    Help getting H2O out of an A904

    Brake wash. It will clean out the oil and it made to evaporate quickly.
  15. iraqivet01

    Rant - AMD

    I was happy with all they sent me. (Rear quarter, inner fender, radiator Crowl, and rocker panels) for my 68 coroner. They were fast and even caught a mistake on a part number I had written down. Gave me a great discount and a break on the shipping since I was a member of this forum.
  16. iraqivet01


    Never had a problem selling or buying. But I have seen on the news where people are robbed and shot,
  17. iraqivet01

    Trying to buy this car....

    You'll be able to buy another Challenger what it's going to completely redo that Bee. Find one that at least is a driver.
  18. iraqivet01

    For Sale - 69 coronet ****not mine

    Maybe I'm getting old, but $10 500 is not a good starting point for a total redo on a coronet
  19. iraqivet01

    383 71 charger

    Didn't say it was your best friend, but its a source of information
  20. iraqivet01

    383 71 charger

    Remember, Google is your friend http://www.enginebuildermag.com/2014/10/break-in-oils-and-assembly-lube-needs/