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  1. ratpoison2

    WTB 71-74 B Body dash insert non a/c

    Looking for a non-ac passenger side dash insert 71-74 B-Body. Thanks
  2. ratpoison2

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    This is what mine looked like 18 months ago.
  3. 1971 Pro Street GTX

    1971 Pro Street GTX

    This is a 71 Satellite Sebring Plus that has been back halved and tubed before I got it and was street driven. I purchased it in 2012 and had a great time driving it and made a few trips to the drag strip. I had two wins at the track before a total rebuild. It is powered by a 505 inch big...
  4. ratpoison2

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

  5. ratpoison2

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    This is my 71 GTX clone in the paint booth. I have a long way to go.
  6. ratpoison2

    Disc Brake Conversion for 71 satellite

    When I got my 71 it had power drums all around. I put a Wilwood kit on it that uses the drum spindles. Kit 140-11020-D. It works very well.
  7. ratpoison2

    How Many Runs Did You Get in 2013?

    3 trips to the track, 1 win. Love the street miles too.
  8. ratpoison2

    Hughes Roller Rockers

    I have the 1.6 rockers on a Hughes solid flat tappet 618/626 lift and 258/260@.050. The engine was built in 2007 and no trouble with rockers.
  9. ratpoison2

    Cost of a custom torque converter?

    My vote is Coan.
  10. ratpoison2

    SOLD COAN Converter 3200 rpm

    If you call Coan with the numbers show in the picture, they can tell you everything about that converter. Just had mine rebuilt for much less than a new converter.
  11. ratpoison2

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    I have an A body scoop on my 71 GTX clone.
  12. ratpoison2

    SOLD 1978 Plymouth Fury Sport 2 door

    Sold the car July 2012.
  13. ratpoison2

    5.38's too much?

    I ran 5.38's in 1980 with 14/32 tires and was turning 7200 RPM in the quarter. The car I have now with 4.10's and 18.5/31 tires is turning 6500. Hope that helps.
  14. ratpoison2

    Change from open to sure grip

    when you change the ring and pinion, start with the shim under the pinion bearing of the original gears to get the proper pinion depth on the new gears. it will be a good starting point.
  15. ratpoison2

    SOLD 1978 Plymouth Fury Sport 2 door

    Selling my parents 78 plymouth. 34,700 original miles. 360 eng. 727 auto. Power steering. AC stopped working years ago. Bad frront seal in compresser. This car has no rust and has spent it's life in a garage. I drove it last week and it works great. 60/40 bench seat. No power options. Only 150...
  16. ratpoison2

    1971 Pro Street GTX clone

    interested would like to know more about your car. what way would i be able to talk to you? i would be interested in a straight deal. i have nothing to trade. i live in central PA. What part of VA do you live in? Thanks:tied up: