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  1. horace

    What is your opinion on VIN swaps?

    Swapping VINs is illegal plus there are other places on the auto recording the VIN. Why go thru fraud, atty billing, stress etc.
  2. horace

    Comment by 'horace' in item 'My 1969 Dodge Charger RT/SE'

    Few would have considered the color except for a coronet 4dr in '69, but NOW it beats the pants off black & reds GORGEOUS!!! great equipment
  3. horace

    Show us your FACE, your CAR and explain your screen name!

    That's easy, had an uncle named Horace & Horace Dodge who started Dodge Brothers with his bro John. Some kid standing by my 50 Dodge I still have, 57 years ago, 57 Power Wagon I wanted since i Was 10. Is that the same guy & gal standing by a Super Bee & Challenger R/Tl? Wanted a Polara Polara...
  4. horace

    Happy 50th Super bee

    I'd like to hear the stories of other ONE owner cars. My has chips here & there NO rust, a couple minor dents. I had to have those scoops 50 yrs ago but are pain when washing the car ALWAYS dripping water, they should have sold them w/ a disclaimer. The car had 65656.5 miles in 2007, 68,200 now.
  5. horace

    Happy 50th Super bee

    I drove it in dry weather 'til about 74, bought a new Power Wagon drove that. When the guys came along I didn't want squashed crackers & melted candy in the seats so, it sat for some years. MN is not conducive to operating old cars yr around. I see there are a couple other long ownership cars...
  6. horace

    Happy 50th Super bee

    Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of owning this Bee I ordered May 7, 1969. It only took 21 days to get it!! The AVS still works perfectly never worked on, the Torqueflie has never been opened nor has the rear diff. It has 68,00 miles, not many miles ago I finally replaced the linings on the...
  7. horace

    383 STOCK B body vs 5.7 Challenger

    Thanks for all the discussion, I was just curious how bad it would be 8 car lengths would be like the LITTLE BIG HORN all over again. I have had the Super Bee for soon 50 years so, I didn't want break anything besides I enjoy my clean drivers license compared to all the marks I used to have. It...
  8. horace

    383 STOCK B body vs 5.7 Challenger

    Just wondering how bad my STOCK 383 Bee i bought new with 3.23 gears would get beat by my 5.7 Hemi 3.06 gears 12 Challenger? Both totally stock !!! Thanks
  9. horace

    Lets see all the cool 68-69 Coronet,Superbee,RT,500,440 rides

    The $3710 Super Bee I've owned for 47 years & our R/T
  10. horace

    Comment by 'horace' in item 'SCHRAM'S DODGE GARAGE'

    Owned the Dart Pheonix since 65, a factory 383 Ram Induction, stripped down can NO ps, No pb, No sure grip, No radio Wife bought 74 Charger new after a failed attempt of ownig a Chevy Nova SS
  11. horace

    Comment by 'horace' in item 'SCHRAM'S DODGE GARAGE'

    62 POLARA 500 fake clone tribute or whatever the word is today really a Dart 440 w/500 trim , seats & 361 63 POLARA 500 fact a/c odd radio delete "BUTTON BUTTON WHO'S got the BUTTON" typewriter or dial a win
  12. horace

    Comment by 'horace' in item 'SCHRAM'S DODGE GARAGE'

    Drooled all over the 57 POWER WAGON as a pre teen, loved it got to buy it 40 yrs ago. "Saved my nickles & saved my dimes" but not to buy a 409, bought a new 69 Super Bee, didn't even have enough $ for a radio $3710. Bought the R/T complete w a/c & 7 speaker stereo w/ amplifer . It really...




    Drooled on the 57 W100 POWER WAGON as a little kid when it was new, 1st yr POWER WAGON, 1st yr 1/2 POWER WAGON & 1st yr V-8 POWER WAGO, bought it 40 yrs ago. Saved my nickles, saved my dimes but I never bought a 409, I bought a new 69 SUPER BEE, radio delete couldn't afford it. Nobody told me...


  16. horace

    Comment by 'horace' in item '1970 Coronet 500 N code'

    Nice to see a 500 left as a 500 & the green is great as well
  17. horace

    Comment by 'horace' in item '1969 Super Bee Super Bee'

    I know Mopar made all kinds of things that weren't supposed to built but I thought 4spds couldn't have a/c. Nifty looking car
  18. horace

    Comment by 'horace' in item '1969 Dodge Coronet R/T'

    Now how about that. I've had mine 47 yrs
  19. horace

    Comment by 'horace' in item 'Holy **** .........I bought a Ford'

    631/2 are my favoriite Ford nice lines. I remember Dad drove one of the used cars home the car lot, a white XL. 390 not very hot but CLASSY w/ an an/fm radio but No staions in our area cool car