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  1. BeeKool

    Aussie newcomer

    Welcome from Northern Iowa mate!
  2. BeeKool

    Scary Tiger Salamander

    Maybe that's what's wrong with me... I've been picking them up and examining them since I was a small fry
  3. BeeKool

    Scary Tiger Salamander

    We have them here too. About this time I f year during fall rains they start to get active and search for places to hibernate.
  4. BeeKool

    I want this shirt!!!

  5. BeeKool

    Coker Tires new redlines installed.

    Those look fantastic! Gorgeous cars you have.
  6. BeeKool

    Ric Ocasec ( the cars ) wont be down

    RIP. Rick The best band with the most consistent sound from the late 70's/ early 80's. The Cars always sound good in your system. A few of their better known tunes were actually sang by bassist Benjamin Orr who died several years ago but Rick was definitely the band's leader.
  7. BeeKool

    New member

    Welcome, what part of Nortg Iowa are you from?
  8. BeeKool

    Newly Widowed....trying to finish 69 RT restoration

    Condolences,.. Welcome from Northern Iowa What a great car.
  9. BeeKool

    I want this shirt!!!

  10. BeeKool

    U.S World war 1 submarine found in Mexican shore.

    Could you imagine the hellish conditions on a submarine built in 1909? Of all the combatants in the first two world wars, I think the submariners had it the worst.
  11. BeeKool

    Another Harris possible DUI

    What a waste, too bad.
  12. BeeKool

    The Joker movie controversy

    I'll watch this movie when it comes out to redbox. There've been a dozen batmans why not htt alf a dozen jokers?
  13. BeeKool

    The Joker movie controversy

    Jack Nicholson IMO was the best joker.
  14. BeeKool

    Happy Father's Day 2019 to all those guys out there in ......

    I'll drink to Father's everywhere. Just bought a bottle of Glenmorangie 10
  15. BeeKool

    Tyler Skaggs pulled a Keith Moon

    Keith Moon didnt choke on his vomit. https://www.loudersound.com/features/what-really-happened-the-night-keith-moon-died Bonn Scott and John Bonham both did though.
  16. BeeKool

    A unicorn???

    Similar situation here. I'm still wrapping up things legally because there is a child involved and I had to fight tooth and nail to simply maintain my parental rights, but my lawyer ate my ex for lunch it only cost me a few grand. Long story short, once I get the go ahead from the attorney to...
  17. BeeKool


  18. BeeKool

    Heading out to a gun show.....y'all

    The AR that may or may not reside in my closet never jams, regardless of which high capacity mag it may or may not have in it. :lol: https://www.xproducts.com/product/x-15-skeletonized-ar15-high-capacity-magazine/ They should give one of these away with every AR
  19. BeeKool

    how many old timers remember these days

    I think I see an adolescent George Burns in the background. :lol: