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  1. pabster

    We Finally Got Our Red Light Cameras!

    I'll throw it out there that another reason I don't like traffic cameras is that it paves the way for people becoming desensitized to seeing them, which in turn makes it easier for local, state and federal governments to put up more for the sake of "safety" or "security". Not to hijack the...
  2. pabster

    F**king Iphones

    Wow. Lots of hate on the iPhone. Sorry to hear that they treated the OP poorly. I myself am on my second iPhone, my first chugged along for 3+ years with very few issues, got the 5 about a year ago... not a big improvement over the 3GS, but still very useful. Haven't done the latest OS...
  3. pabster

    OCT 13, 2013 Million Vet March in DC and in your city

    Thanks, rickster. Thanks for not slamming me, insulting me, etc. Jumping down anyone's throat isn't cool. I know I've done it in the past, usually because something away from the keyboard has pissed me off and the political barbs here just set it off. I do agree that in some way both parties...
  4. pabster

    Ultimate cheap driver's car?

    OK, folks. This thread may require you to think outside of the Mopar comfort zone. If you can't do that, read no further. For those who are a bit more open minded, I'm starting to look around at getting another car. What I'm looking for is a drivers car. When I say that, I mean a car that...
  5. pabster

    Question on the satellites

    No disrespect to Bru or anyone else, but I only want a 71-72. That front end, it haunts me. So freaking awesome.
  6. pabster

    superbird challenger thingy

    Hey, look! A "superbird" I can afford! Kinda cool IMHO, but not cool enough to buy.
  7. pabster

    OCT 13, 2013 Million Vet March in DC and in your city

    Well argued, wvmarv. I'll warn you, if you haven't figured this out already. When you disagree with the ultra conservative herd on this board, people will personally insult you. When you react to those insults, they will call you "thin skinned" or some such. If you insult them back, they...
  8. pabster

    License Plates

    I'm really lucky that my '74 has its original CA plates... blue and yellow. They're the edition knew as a kid, and every design that came after was lame. The one now is so generic and weak, with the cursive lettering. Why can't states go back to the old styles, with simple bold colors? My...
  9. pabster

    Question on the satellites

    I want one. Any of them.
  10. pabster

    Jay Leno just came by our shop

    Awesome. His late night stuff isn't my thing, but "Jay's Garage" brought me around. Seems like a stand up guy, and I always use him as an excuse to the wife for my car mania. As in "Look, honey. I may be buying another car, but at least I don't have hundreds like Leno..." :)
  11. pabster

    Reno NV??????

    Wow. You hate it so much here. You should pack up and leave too. Good for you, cr8crshr. If this state is treating you poorly, find a place that suits you. That's the great thing about the USA, so many options for lifestyles. I would probably leave myself if I didn't run the family...
  12. pabster

    NFL Is Here!!! Let The Smack Commence!

    That was the best I've seen the Raiders play in a long time. What a great game. My buddy and I were screaming our heads off along with the rest of the stadium... watching the Chargers get crushed was a blast. LET'S GO OAKLAND!
  13. pabster

    Scam alert!!!! Please read!!!!

    So I have a DeSoto Superbird for sale- it's all original, numbers matching. Only 26,500 miles! Extremely rare color combo- Diaper Brown with Hunk of Funk plaid interior, one of one! In excellent condition, a few spots of surface rust. Car is located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Asking 75K FIRM...
  14. pabster

    Go see "Rush"!

    I saw the band once, YY1. I'm not the biggest fan, but it was a fun show. I'd say 99% of the audience were men, and high outta their minds. :)
  15. pabster

    Tesla on fire

    Here's a vehicle developed in this country, made here, built here. But no, that's not good enough for some of you, so one catches on fire and you rag on it. Aren't you guys all about buying American made? Why would you be down on Tesla? I myself will wait a few years until they work out...
  16. pabster

    Discussion today Me vs. Prius Owner

    I love messing with Prius owners. I've revved my engine next to 'em at a stoplight. So far I've had 6 dirty looks, 4 ignore me completely, 2 flip me off, and one woman laughed. I woulda proposed to her but I'm already taken. :)
  17. pabster


    Funny, but not a true story. http://www.snopes.com/quotes/mrgorsky.asp
  18. pabster

    Go see "Rush"!

    Great guy... and he made one of my all time favorite movies... "Apollo 13". And narrates/produces the epic "Arrested Development".